Monday, 21 May 2012

What a Lovely Day

This time last year we were enjoying our UK adventure on Olga.  I sat a re-read my blog posts from the trip on Saturday night and it brought back some wonderful memories.  I’m so jealous of all our friends that have made the trip to Europe this year, but it is lovely that they are having their turn.

However, we still had a lovely day out on Olga here.

Yesterday we had nothing planned so I made a lemon drizzle cake (I was on a roll) and we hopped on Olga and went to visit some friends  in town for morning tea.  I love it that you can take a cake along with a sidecar.

May 2012 001

We sat around and chatted and then Mick took our mate for his first ride of a sidecar and then his wife for her first ride in a sidecar and they both enjoyed it, as we expected.

By now it was after lunch time, but as it was a lovely day we took a little detour home via a big loop of minor roads.

May 2012 001

You know the roads are fairly minor when they have a cattle grid and gate.

May 2012 010

Down to the pretty Winburndale Rivulet.

May 2012 015

Can you see how high the debris is in the trees to the right of the photo below.  The river must have been fairly roaring as it came down here in flood at the beginning of the year.

May 2012 017

Here comes Mick on Olga.

May 2012 021

The river was babbling along very nicely and was lovely and clear.

May 2012 024

The iconic row of rustic old mail boxes.

May 2012 029

Tumble down shed.

May 2012 033

The clouds were gathering in the east.  We would like them to head a bit further west, as it has apparently been the driest May since the 1850s.  Drier even than during the recent long drought.  Unfortunately, if you looked the other way it was still nice and blue.

May 2012 034

More mail boxes, although some aren’t quite as rustic in this row.

May 2012 036

These ones were rather upmarket, being properly sign written.

May 2012 039

How does this little building look as a handyman’s delight?

May 2012 050

On closer inspection there is just a tad too much work to do.

May 2012 055

Back onto the open plains and pointing in the direction of home on those distant hills.

May 2012 057

I hate this road on a solo bike as the surface is so loose and skatey.  I don’t even like driving on it in a car, but Olga just took it in her stride.

May 2012 065

I love it when there is grass in the middle of the road – that is really minor.

May 2012 069

Then we popped out onto the main road and back home.  Our quick trip to town ended up taking about 5 hours and about 120kms. 

As I’ve said before, we are not very good at staying home.


Anonymous said...

How time flies Janice. We watch a movie the other weekend called TT3D, closer to the edge about the Motorbike Races over there. Great watch. Love all your beautiful photos you took on this little trip xx

Susan said...

Such beautiful photos....there could be an interesting book there! I really loved the mailboxes and the shed - rust can be so beautiful in the right place. Thanks for sharing your "little" trip.

Bonnie said...

Thanks for sharing once again. I loved seeing the pictures of your local area. Your cake looked yummy too.