Monday, 28 November 2011

Yes, There Were Quilts

There were some lovely quilts at the main exhibition in Braidwood.  This one featuring Kiwi fabrics was so simple, but so very effective.  It would be a great way to utilise a layer cake.

November 2011 - Braidwood Weekend 074

There was a challenge set by the local patchwork shop to make a small quilt using the fabric featuring English cathedrals.  This one was  my pick.  Funnily enough, I bought half a metre of the same fabric in Canterbury while we were over there.

November 2011 - Braidwood Weekend 083

Here is the completed quilts.  I always love the different interpretations that the quilters come up  with.

November 2011 - Braidwood Weekend 088

There was another challenge on display as well.  This one had the theme of Yellow and Purple and I think it was organised by the Quilters Guild, but not specifically for this event.  Anyway, there were heaps of entries, and once again the array of different ideas was rather amazing.

November 2011 - Braidwood Weekend 106

I think this was my favourite quilt in the show. The colour selection was so very effective. A traditional design using modern fabrics.

November 2011 - Braidwood Weekend 100

It wasn’t needle turn appliqué.  I was quite fascinated by the technique.  It appears to have had the red background fabric completely quilted as a whole quilt with a quarter inch diamond in red cotton, finishing up with quite a thin dense quilt.  Then, the design was appliquéd on using monofilament and a tiny zig zag.  What a terrible lot of work.

November 2011 - Braidwood Weekend 131

I think this quilt must have been made by the same quilter, as the technique was very similar.

November 2011 - Braidwood Weekend 110

I just loved the scallops on the border.  They were black on a fine black and white polka dot.  The effect was quite striking.  Just coming up with different ideas is half the battle.

November 2011 - Braidwood Weekend 115

Now this one is rather stunning.  Beautiful work.

November 2011 - Braidwood Weekend 117

Earlier in the morning I purchased a “Little Twister” ruler, as I’ve seen some small quilts using them and love the look.  After seeing this quilt I went back to the stall and bought the matching larger ruler as well.  The colour placement on this quilt really makes it.

November 2011 - Braidwood Weekend 118

The colours are also spot on with this cheerful quilt.

November 2011 - Braidwood Weekend 119

That’s all the photos I took at Braidwood.  The following quilts were in the exhibition at Bungendore, which was on a slightly smaller scale.

This is such a simple effective design with beautiful colour selection.  You just want to snuggle under it, as it looks so warm.

November 2011 - Braidwood Weekend 199

This was a smaller wall hanging.

November 2011 - Braidwood Weekend 201

The machine quilting really set it off.

November 2011 - Braidwood Weekend 203

When you look closely at this one….

November 2011 - Braidwood Weekend 204

You see that it is all machine pieced.  What a lot of points to match.  Very effective.

November 2011 - Braidwood Weekend 206

On the stage of the hall this quilt was on display.  It had won a prize at the Sydney Quilt Show. 

November 2011 - Braidwood Weekend 214

No wonder, once you see all the detail in the appliqué and quilting.

November 2011 - Braidwood Weekend 215

There were quite a few quilts that had been made with jelly rolls and Bali Pops.

November 2011 - Braidwood Weekend 207

This design shows off the larger scale prints well.

November 2011 - Braidwood Weekend 210

There were only three different fabrics in the next quilt.  A very clever design.

November 2011 - Braidwood Weekend 216

And finally, this one really stood out, being so nice and bright.  A very effective design.

November 2011 - Braidwood Weekend 211

It is so generous of all the talented quilters to share their work.  It certainly made for a very enjoyable weekend for us all.

I don’t know if it was clear in my previous post that it wasn’t ten women that went down to Braidwood, but five women accompanied by our husbands.   We are all more usually at motorcycle events, but this time it was a weekend for the girls.  Mick is getting used to being dragged around quilt shows without too many complaints, but for a couple of the men it was their first exposure to this sort of event.  I think they were suitably impressed with what can be created and the work and time that goes into them. It was also just a good excuse for us all to get away for the weekend and have a lovely meal together.  We are hoping to do it again some time, and hopefully we will actually get see the quilts on display in the street.


Chookyblue...... said...

thanks for sharing............

loulee said...

Thanks for sharing. There were certainly some beautiful quilts on show. Shame the weather had to but in though.

Cardygirl said...

Great pics...despite the rain you had a great time!

Ulla's Quilt World said...

Thank you so much for the photos! I love your blog!

Bec said...

Stunning quilts! The red background one you liked is by Piece'O'Cake Designs in the US. There is one on their website made by someone else that has a yellow/goldy background and it looks stunning! I have the pattern if you are tempted....LOL AND their applique dvd was given to me that goes through their particular applique technique.