Monday 18 January 2010

Twilight Outing

We took “Olga” the old bike out again yesterday for the Historic Car Club’s Twilight Run.  It is always a really well attended outing due to the lovely evenings we have at this time of year. We went out to Ben Chifley Dam, which is Bathurst’s water supply. We were lucky enough to go right into the bowels of the workings of the dam.


At the end of the tunnel we were in, we were about 100m out under the deepest part of the dam, under the green pontoons.


It was a glorious afternoon, no storms (like the last few days), not too hot and postcard perfect. The dam wall was raised about 15 years ago, and has a good catchment.  As you can see, there is still lots of water. 


Bathurst is very, very lucky with this dam and the foresight back then to raise the wall. It is a very popular boating spot, but most other people rarely go out there.  Up until a couple of years ago, it was a real goat track to get in, but now the area is so much nicer.


On Saturday, our little craft group had our first get together for the year.  I finished my kingfisher block of Verandah Views on Friday, so started the next one.  It should be finished fairly soon.


On Thursday I also did this quick and easy applique on a tea towel.  It is Jenny’s latest free design, and very cute. 


I tried to get some ric rac on Friday, but couldn’t find any cotton in a suitable colour, only 100% nylon – not very suitable for a tea towel.  I’ll have a bit more of a scout around through the week and see what I can come up with.

I’m also going to take up Jenny’s January challenge to make something out of a tea towel.  I’d better get a wriggle on with that one.

Also, I’ve signed up for the No Strings Attached Challenge set up by Stephanie and Fiona’s Use What You Have Challenge.  That shouldn’t be too hard, as I have SOOO MUCH STUFF!  The tea towel I used for the applique has been waiting to have something done with it for a few years and the fabric is from the stash.  The pink floral has come from Mum at some stage and has obviously been used for dressmaking.  I’m guessing it is from the 70s.

I also got out Mum’s quilt on the weekend and cut the next couple of borders.  I’ll stitch them on in the next day or so.


Joy said...

Wow Janice, what glorious weather you had for your bike ride!! I'm going shopping for a jacket and helmet on Saturday so that I can ride with my DH ... I'm sooo looking forward to it :o).
Love your stitching, that's such a pretty teatowel ~ too nice to be drying dishes with though ;o).
Joy :o)

Jenny of Elefantz said...

I'm quite envious of your bike day when Mark finishes his bike I'll be able to enjoy such things too. :-)
Love the teatowel in blues and pinks!!