Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Ongoing Machine Dramas and Some Hand Stitching

After a few days back at work it is really like we never had a break.  I’m trying to still do a bit of stitching each day. 

I was very lucky on Monday, as my sewing machine was delivered back to me, without an extra trip, which was very handy. Unfortunately, despite being repaired, it still has a slight rubbing noise.  I have decided to buy a new bobbin case for it to see if that will fix the problem.  My machine has had problems in that area all along. 

I decided to have a look for one online, but with no real luck.  I’ll go to the local dealer and see if they can get one in.  What I did find was people commenting on their machines the same as mine.  Quite a few reviews mentioning ongoing problems with the bobbin housing and doing exactly what mine does.  Fancy that!  It isn’t just me.

In the meantime, I have done a bit more hand stitching on Verandah Views in my lunch break. 


I’m just plodding along with this one and do enjoy it when I get to it. This continues to be my project for our craft group get togethers which start up again in a couple of weeks.

I have also started work on a journal cover, but will have to do a bit of a fiddle to make the most of the bit of linen skirt I have left, as there is not enough for the pattern as it is written.  I’ll have fun playing.

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Sandi said...

It's a shame about the sewing machine, I hope it goes better with the new bobbin case when you find one.