Sunday 6 December 2009

What We’ve Been Up To

Yesterday was our last craft group meeting for the year and we celebrated with a delicious lunch at a local restaurant. Previously we have had the traditional kris kringle swap, but this year we each made a Christmas decoration for the swap.  There were some beautiful creations. I made this little birdie.  I’m liking red and white this year.


I received this sweet necklace.


There was lots of  talking and laughter, so it was just as well the restaurant was fairly quiet. 

When I got home, Mick asked if I’d taken any photos for my blog.  Oops, I just plum forgot.  I must have been talking too much. Fancy that!

During lunch, one of the ladies mentioned that the Millthorpe Markets were on today.  I’m so pleased she said something, as I would have forgotten all about them.  I went last year with a friend and thoroughly enjoyed them.  This year Mick wasn’t working so we both went up.

The Millthorpe Markets are only held once a year in the local showground to raise funds for the Primary School.  There is a great variety of stalls, about 200 in all. 


Lots of craft (more than any other markets around here),  bric-a-brac, food, you name it. The weather was perfect, so there was a big crowd.


We were sort of looking for Christmas presents, but we seemed to be the only recipients of purchases.

Mick wandered off, as I take too long, and spotted this booty.  He did well, and it was cheap as chips.


I was thrilled with this pattern.  It is printed in Australia, I’m guessing in the 40s.  I haven’t heard of the brand before and am amazed that it is printed in colour.  50c well spent!


I also found this necklace.  I’ve been looking for something in turquoise and I love this.  It is actually fashioned from an old fork.  They had lovely wind chimes as well.


And Mick, well his main score is this lovely old wind-up butterfly.  Isn’t it gorgeous.  It will go on display with his other old toys.


On a more serious note, two rather major fires started in our district on Friday afternoon with properties threatened.  Fortunately they are now under control.  Properties not too far from us were door knocked “just in case”.  Hopefully they will be fully extinguished soon as the weather is forecast to be in the high 30s with strong winds on Tuesday.  Not what you want with fires around.

Today is in the low 30s with just a breeze.  It is hot outside, but the verandahs are keeping the house cool.  Our house is built from corrugated iron, sort of in the style of a Queenslander, so it is good in the summer, no bricks to retain heat.

Just to close, it was full moon through the week.  My little point and shoot camera has very minimal zoom, but I was able to take this photo of the dramatic moon rise.



edyB said...

Wonderful shot of the moon! Stay safe and away from those fires. We're having brrrr cold weather here in New Mexico ~ it was only 6 degrees above zero Friday morning. We had a little snow last week and more is expected for tomorrow. We may have a White Chistmas if this keeps up. That turquoise necklace is terrific! I love that it was made using a fork.
Your little red birdie is very festive! Keep stitching,
Cheers, edyB

Anonymous said...

Hello Janice, loved your post and the wind up butterfly your dear hubby found....I would have loved to have gone to the market.....200 stalls fantastic....not keen on the idea of fires so early.....take care...Warm Regards Lyn

Julie said...

Great ,market finds. Love the old pattern too.