Thursday 31 December 2009

A Lovely Break

(Warning – very long post.)

I’ve been having a lovely break since Christmas.  It’s hard to believe that it was nearly a week ago.

Our Christmas was different this year as it was the first time ever that I haven’t had Christmas lunch with my parents.  We still got to see everyone, which was the main thing.  The weather was pleasantly cool and we had gentle soaking rain all day.

Lunch was at Mick’s sister’s place and despite the rain we ate outside under gazebos.  There was no fear of our food getting wet as we were escorted to the table by these gorgeous “brolly dollies”.


Santa was very kind to Mick and I.  We have a tiny laptop to take travelling on the bike.  Now we won’t be having to look for libraries and internet cafes.  Very handy.

I was spoilt by my Mum.  She made me this beautiful collection. 


Now, I maybe gave a slight hint a few months ago like “Mum, can you please make me some covered coat hangers for Christmas?”… and maybe I reinforced this suggestion by delivering some old timber hangers shortly thereafter that I had found in an op shop.

Dad also spoilt me with this exquisite, tiny brooch. It is only about an inch from wing tip to wing tip.


I had to go and ask the jewellers how to use it, as it just has a couple of little pins on the back.  The body is actually a spring, you squeeze the wings together, which opens the clips and it grips your garment as you release the wings.  How clever.  I’ve always loved brooches, so this is a lovely addition to the collection.

Boxing Day is our lazy day.  We normally sit (or lie) on the verandah reading our Christmas books.  This year it was cool and wet, so we sat around the lounge room reading our Christmas books and doing sweet nothing.  We so look forward to our Boxing Day together.

After that Mick had to go back to work.  He has tomorrow off, and then once again, back to work.

I’ve  been very lazy.  I’ve done a little work in the office, but generally I’ve just lazed about and read a lot of blogs.  I had grand plans of doing lots in this break, but very little has eventuated. The weather has been relatively cool, which has been pleasant.

Sewing was high on my list of priorities, and after the first couple of days of doing nothing I did make a few things.  Nothing of any consequence though.

Spotlight had a special on all their fat quarters and a bought a few.  I then made this “Poochie Bag” from Happy Zombie’s tutorial.  It takes just three fat quarters.  I was quite pleased with how it turned out. 


There was a strip left of the fabrics, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make a fabric basket from Pink Penquin’s tutorial.  Both these patterns had been on my “To Do” list for quite a while. 

I wanted to use linen on the basket, but as I only have a limited supply (the skirt I bought at the op shop) I had to finish making my placemats first. Therefore, I made a fabric basket to match my sewing machine cover and mat.  I’m sure it will be useful for something.  It turned out really well.


So,  before I could make the second basket I finished making the other two placemats and matching coasters. I made the first ones back here.


Now I was on a roll.  The second fabric basket is very sweet.  Another fat quarter fabric is used for the lining.


There is still a tiny bit of each of the main fat quarters left, quite a bit of the pink lining and still a bit of the op shop skirt.  I’m pretty sure there is enough of each to make a matching journal cover from Bloom’s tutorial


However, when I did the last stitch on the fabric basket my machine gave a big clunk and bent the needle.  Not good. 


I just turned it off and left it till later.  When I had a closer look, there is a rubbing noise in the bobbin housing.  Mick thinks something may be bent.  I now have to see if my wonderful sewing machine doctor is around and let him have a look at it. And it had been sewing so well up till then.  Fortunately, I still have my little Stella that I can use….or I may have to get out some hand sewing.

Today I went to town and called in to Spotlight to buy some more machine needles.  Just as I was leaving an announcement came over the speaker.  As a result I spent an extra $2.70 and came home with all this:


All Christmas decorations at 10c each for 10 minutes!  At the front are glass baubles that you decorate yourself.  I plan to fill some with thread offcuts and fabric crumbs.  Not something I would pay lots of money for, but at 10c!  Also, the Styrofoam balls are ready to decorate with fabric.  I haven’t made these for years, but it could be fun with the new fabrics out.  There are also rolls of ribbon and lots of baubles to make a wreath.  These wreaths have me fascinated, but being ikey like I am, I wasn’t going to make one if it was going to cost heaps.  I think I’ll have lots of fun.  Now…….. where to store them.

Tonight we are off to a New Year’s Eve party with a group of our friends.  It’s been nice this year letting someone else do all the hard work. (That’s very slack of me, isn’t it!)  The dress up theme is the era of your vehicle (we are all members of the Historic Car Club).  Mick will just wear his Goodies T-Shirt for the 70s for his Rickman Honda motorcycle and as the only vehicle I actually own is the 2009 Subaru Forester, I’ll wear all clothes I have bought this year.  Maybe that’s cheating, but too bad. The kitchen has a lovely aroma at the moment as I’ve been roasting pumpkin in olive oil and garlic for a salad.  I could just sit and eat the pumpkin.

Have a wonderful New Year and see you next year!


Chookyblue...... said...

sounds like a lovely all the sewing....have a great new year........

edyB said...

Love all your beautiful sewing projects ~ hope the machine is repaired quickly and that it isn't anything major!
Have a safe and Happy New Year!

happy zombie said...

I love that you like the poochie pattern, Janice... and your bag is soooo ADORABLE. I love your fabrics, and I love that you live in NSW (my son and his family live in NSW)!

Happy 2010 from 2009!