Sunday, 5 April 2009

23 Loooooong Years!

Today is our 23rd Wedding Anniversary – or as Mick would say “23 Loooong Years”!! We never do much to celebrate, but at least this year we remembered it!!

Our day was rather relaxed (except for Mick having to work this morning) – so I suppose I should say our afternoon was quite relaxed.

We had nearly an inch of rain on Friday night, which was much needed, so as the weather was so lovely we were outside in the garden this afternoon. Mick did some serious hacking back of the suckers from the passionfruit vine that have overtaken the herb garden. We didn’t realise how invasive the root stock was. Next year we will trim any suckers as they appear.

Yesterday I bought some bulbs. I have been inspired by some of the British blogs with their pots of bulbs indoors. I would never be organised enough to plan that far ahead, but reading blogs where their season is six months ahead (or is it behind) – well, their season in opposite to ours, it makes you think of spring. Anyway, I bought some Tete a Tete daffodils and hyacinths and have potted them in little pots. If all goes according to plan we will have some spring colour inside. As I am the laziest gardener when it comes to watering etc, I have sunk the little pots into the ground in the garden to sit out the winter. When they start to make a move I will lift them out, wash them down and bring them inside.

This tub was part of our booty from the White Elephant Stall at the Church Fete and the four little pots of daffodils fit perfectly. It should look great. The tub is just a “Made in China”, so we won’t need to be too precious about it.

I also picked the last of the English lavender and coincidently the paper bag was purple. When it has dried I want to make some little lavender hangers. I had a lovely pair of satin pyjamas with little pink flowers which were hardly worn before the elastic perished, so I want to use the fabric for something pretty.
The bag is just sitting in the dining room at present and it smells lovely as you walk in.

To celebrate our Anniversary I picked the last bit of (presentable) colour out of the garden and put it in this cute little lusterware jug that Mum didn’t want, and set the kitchen table with a pretty vintage cloth and the good dinnerware (the dining table is covered in sewing stuff) and we had a lovely rack of lamb. Nothing flash, but very enjoyable just the same.


CurlyPops said...

Congratulations! It sounds like you had a lovely day.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

What a lovely idea to grow bulbs indoors - your selection will look very pretty.

Sandi said...

Happy anniversary! Sounded like a good one. The bulbs will look great in their new tub. Didn't realize that passionfruit suckered. I was going to replace my rampant boysenberries (that are taking over the veggie garden) with a passionfruit vine, thinking it will be better behaved.
I love the smell of lavender.
I just bought two 'Sidonie' lavender plants yesterday. This one, according to the label, "has a high tolerance to humidity, which allows it to survive the summer weather of Brisbane". I hope they do well for me.