Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Catching Up - May - Rylstone Swap Meet

Now that we have moved into our new house, it is time to do the declutter.  I know, back to front, but we wanted to wait and see what we could use and what would fit..........We have oodles of "stuff" to get rid of.

In May each year there is a Swap Meet at Rylstone.  We have always heard it is good, but have never managed to visit.  This year we were determined to go and take a stall with us.  

Common sense would have told us to go over on Saturday and camp overnight, but we got up at sparrow's fart (like we left home at 4.30am) and drove over to set up for a 6.00am start.  The road is a slow one to drive at the best of times and usually has a few roos along the way, but we have never seen so many as on that morning......and it was a thick fog most of the way too.

It was foggy in Rylstone too, but we got ourselves set up.  Most had set up the night before.  Yes, it was a good swap.  We were surprised at how many stalls there were, and loads of interesting things for sale.  We were strong and didn't bring anything extra home.

After the cool start, it turned into a glorious day.  Rather warm for the time of year...warm enough for an ice cream with sprinkles.

We were delighted when a couple of T-Model Fords turned up.

Then a couple more.

It turned out that the Outback Model T Ford were in the area on a rally, so decided to call in.  Rather tasty they were too.  It was interesting to see the variety of body shapes on them.

I can't say that we sold a great deal on our stall, but that doesn't matter. We had a great day out.  Yes, we will go again, but camp overnight. 


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day for you both,hubby likes a good swap meet,lol Mick has made me want an ice cream now,lol,love those old cars,thankyou for sharing Janice xx

Anthea said...

Janice, the fact that you sold some stuff & didn't being anything 'new' home is really good... I guess garage sale is also an option... wow I have only ever heard that term 'sparrows fart' in my own family!! (I knew exactly what you meant!)

Jenny said...

The old fords are amazing obviously some very dedicated and passionate people.