Tuesday, 10 February 2015

New Zealand – A Day out With Lou and Tony

After our gorgeous weather of the first couple of days of our trip we had some light rain on Thursday night.  This caused much rejoicing, as the north of the South Island is in drought, with water restrictions and farmers considering some destocking.

It was dry again in the morning, which was good, as Lou and Tony were going to play tour guides for a trip up to the lakes.

We were somewhat amazed when we saw our first mountains – firstly as they were suddenly there and rather impressive in size, secondly in that they had a covering of snow on the higher peaks.  This surprised Tony and Lou as well. Bonus for us.

NZ JH 6 Feb 2015 003

We passed through the interesting Burkes Pass (pardon the pun), to reach Mackenzie Country……..

NZ JH 6 Feb 2015 019

….A vast flat plain surrounded by mountains.

NZ JH 6 Feb 2015 026

We travelled along and then turned a corner to see this! 

NZ JH 6 Feb 2015 028

Lake Tekapo.  The colour of the water is stunning and would be even more so if it was sunny.

NZ JH 6 Feb 2015 031

We hopped out of the car and froze!  Yep that breeze was coming off snow alright.  We encountered our first touristy place full of coaches, campervans and a multitude of different languages being spoken.  This lakeside church is rather picturesque.  There was even a wedding practice taking place.

NZ JH 6 Feb 2015 034

There was a monument to the sheepdogs which have helped the farmers over so many years in the area.

NZ MH 5-6 Feb 15 049

Now that looks cold.

NZ JH 6 Feb 2015 047

After travelling a bit further we came to another gorgeous lake and this time the sun was out turning the lake a beautiful aqua. This is Lake Pukaki.

NZ JH 6 Feb 2015 056

How would you like to live in one of these homes overlooking the lake and mountains.

NZ MH 5-6 Feb 15 036

Time for a happy snap of us all.

NZ MH 5-6 Feb 15 039

Another monument.  This time to the Himalayan Tahr, which were introduced as a game animal, but have since been greatly reduced in numbers as they became feral.

NZ MH 5-6 Feb 15 067

Next stop was Twizel for a hot pie for lunch.  Just what was needed on such a cold day.

Time for a detour to the Clay Cliffs.  Not what you expect after the previous scenery.  Very stark.

NZ JH 6 Feb 2015 092

Back on track we visited  Lake Benmore which is the start of a hydro electric power generating system that links three lakes.

NZ JH 6 Feb 2015 104

It is the largest earth walled dam in the southern hemisphere.

NZ JH 6 Feb 2015 115

And still a beautiful recreational lake as well.

NZ JH 6 Feb 2015 112

We covered a lot of ground in the one day.  The scenery was stunning, with the snow capped mountain backdrop.  Having Lou and Tony also added so much, both by being great company and providing that local knowledge we would never have had otherwise.

It was a very memorable day,


Jewells said...

BEAUTIFUL photos.. NZ is a wonderful place... wish I was there too!

Katie said...

I’m so enjoying your tour. Maybe one day I will get there. Sigh. :-)

Susan said...

I'm so jealous.......and ready to go back for another NZ holiday!

Susan said...

I'm so jealous.......and ready to go back for another NZ holiday!

Chookyblue...... said...