Friday, 19 September 2014


More bits of this and that in this post, I’m afraid.

Remember our new chooks.  Well, Mick brought in a tiny, dinky egg the other day.  The first, and to date the only, egg from our new chooks. Our old girl, on the other hand, lays enormous eggs.  They don’t even fit terribly well in the extra large cartons.

September 2014 013

ShabbyBlogsDividerOI promised photos of all the blossoms that I put into vases.  They did open up beautifully, but sadly, they are now all finished.

September 2014 003

September 2014 010

September 2014 005


While on the subject of blossoms, this is the flowering peach in my Mum’s front yard.  It really puts on a show each year.

September 2014 016


When I was going to the supermarket the other day I saw this in the carpark.  I’d have loved to see the lady that had created it.  I imagine her to be a rather young crafty lady.  It really made me smile.

September 2014 014


I even got energetic and made some biscuits last Saturday.  I should do this more often, as they are really yummy and oh, so easy to make.

September 2014 017 ShabbyBlogsDividerO

And now for the weather…..

This morning we started out with a frost of –3.3 degrees C!!!!!  Not happy Jan!!!  I think that will put paid to the Angeline Burdett plum crop this year, as the tree is nicely in blossom.  Here’s hoping the later fruiting President plum will still be OK.  Fortunately, the apples are not in blossom as yet.

September 2014 143

We did get up to 17.9 degrees C and finished off with the most glorious sunset.

September 2014 147

Unfortunately, I’m guessing we will have another frost in the morning as it is already quite icy outside.


And finally, I’ve once again signed up for Chookyblue’s Secret Santa Christmas Swap.  Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a present winging its way from some far off land.  I do commend Chooky for taking the swap on this year, considering how busy her life is at the moment.

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Susan said...

Those first tiny eggs are so cute. We have added big duck eggs to our collection as well. Your blossoms look so lovely, mine have all been blown off. Thanks for the weather report, hubby is heading your way for a ride in the morning, I'll tell him to put his thermals on!

Anonymous said...

Hi Janice i love seeing your pics of your garden and how nice to get fresh eggs,i do hope that the frost didnt affect your plum tree,we havent had alot of frost to date,enjoy your weekend Janice.xx

Rachaeldaisy said...

I love seeing bowls of homegrown eggs, the different sizes just make them seem more real. Your mum's flowering peach is spectacular! What favour biscuits did you make, they look delicious! We don't get frosts here but there have been some cold mornings, brrr.

Chookyblue...... said...

the biscuits were yummy.......glad you have joined the swap again.......