Saturday, 24 May 2014

Wandering in the Bicentennial Park Part 2

I’m back again to finish my wander in the park in my lunch break.

I briefly mentioned “The Cairn” in the last post.

April 2014 128

Here it is a bit closer.

April 2014 129

April 2014 130

Next year, Bathurst commemorates its Bicentenary – the oldest inland settlement in Australia (although not the oldest City, Goulburn was declared a city before us).  There are lots of plans being made for the celebrations.

The circular wall surrounding the cairn has plaques of many pioneering families.

We will now start to wander back the way we came. 

April 2014 134

However, this time we will detour through the Peace Garden.

April 2014 135

It didn’t look like this when I was a kid.  The steps were there and the bust and plaques, but it was overgrown and a mess.

April 2014 136 

April 2014 138

April 2014 139

As well as tidying up the steps area an addition was made to the Peace Garden.

April 2014 141

April 2014 142

I love visiting here.

April 2014 144

This was a community project.  The local brickworks provided the blocks of 5 bricks, which were still attached to each other, and hadn’t been fired.  Community members or groups could obtain one or more of these blanks and carve them.  The idea was to have round sections top and bottom and rails in the middle section.  They were then returned and fired at the brickworks.  There is so much creativity here.  Let’s have a look at just a little few.

April 2014 145

There are some that are just patterns, some have Australian themes.

April 2014 148

Some have political and peace themes.  Notice the Amnesty International symbol on the left hand one below.

April 2014 149

And the special thing for me is to find the one below with the “88” on it, as my Dad made it.  He would say he was not at all artistic, but he got involved in the project and his simple designs really stand out.

April 2014 146

His second contribution is the block on the left with 1788-1988 carved in it.  It is a nice legacy he has left.

April 2014 147

And then it was time to go back to work.  I really enjoyed my couple of strolls in the parks.  I may have to venture somewhere else one day.

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Fiona@Dragonfly-Sewing said...

What a lovely legacy he has left you in stone xxx