Monday, 9 December 2013

Santa Has Landed

Mick called me at work this afternoon to tell me that a “Squishy Parcel” had arrived for me.  He wouldn’t tell me where it was from except that it was from “an island”.  I had to come home to find out more. That’s one way to get me to leave work on time.

December 13 011

My parcel was posted by Lyn on the south island of New Zealand.  I’ve never received mail from NZ before.   Likewise, I hadn’t discovered Lyn’s blog previously, so will have fun doing some reading.

Anyway, now for the big reveal, or should I say small reveal.

December 13 014

Isn’t the ornament gorgeous.  It is hanging on my pantry door until I put the tree up. The fabric is cute and the choccies were yummy. (Note the past tense, they are gone now.)  Now I have to be strong and not touch the other present till the big day.

December 13 015

Thanks Chooky and Googy for arranging the SSCS swap.  It’s been great to be involved again this year.


Kaiy said...

those chocs are my favorite. and the ornament is adorable.

you'll be getting parcels and post from NZ more often soon when mum moves there....

I love reading up on whats happening in Aus.. lots of adventure.:)

loulee said...

Cute little ornament!
Missing being in the big swap this year.

Susan said...

Definitely worth coming home from work to open that parcel. Such a cute ornament, it looks perfect just hanging on the door. No peeking at the main gift.

Chookyblue...... said...

cheeky Mick......glad your parcel has arrived......lovely ornament..............