Monday, 30 April 2012

Springwood Quilt Show

Yesterday, my friend Cath and I drove down to Springwood to visit their Quilt Show.  We went a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it, so were eager to see what this year had to offer.

Our first stop was Glenbrook for a nice cuppa.  Unfortunately, being Sunday, most of the little shops were closed.

The quilt show once again showcased some beautiful work.

The featured quilter this year was Lynne Alchin.  The following are just two of her gorgeous quilts on display.  I think the first one would be about my favourite quilt there.  It was such a different colour take on a rather traditional design.

April 12 Springwood Quilt Show 027 

April 12 Springwood Quilt Show 103

Another designer whose work featured prominently was Chris Jurd.  The next quilt was completed by Chris.  Her work stands out due to her great use of colour.  This one is quite unusual, featuring a patterned background fabric.

April 12 Springwood Quilt Show 082

There was also the work of many of her students throughout the mountains and also at Bathurst. The next one was completed by Val O’Shannessy, who has done my quilting.

April 12 Springwood Quilt Show 023

I loved the next design, “Faux Wedding Ring”.  This version was pieced by Chris, and there was also another version, pieced by one of her students.

April 12 Springwood Quilt Show 032

The curves are actually appliqué, not curved piecing.  Very Effective.

April 12 Springwood Quilt Show 034

There were a couple of versions of Chris’ Mariners Compass. This one, piece by Beverley Kay, took my eye with its great use of colour.

April 12 Springwood Quilt Show 009

Anne Sommerlad also had quite a few of her designs on display.  This one was stunning, although difficult to photograph, being high on the wall.

April 12 Springwood Quilt Show 101

I loved the border detail in this one.

April 12 Springwood Quilt Show 052

Look at the detail in that lattice.

April 12 Springwood Quilt Show 055

I bought a couple of Anne’s patterns last time we visited.  No, I haven’t made them as yet.  The next quilt by Caroline Stanton is a variation on one of them.  I’d better do something about making mine.

April 12 Springwood Quilt Show 049

Other quilts that took my eye were this Tree of Life by Judy Sanday using a Sue Cody design.  The background was a lovely lime linen.  Look at those colourful clamshells on the border.

April 12 Springwood Quilt Show 065

The butterfly quilt using a Bali pop by Julie Clarke and a Kathy Adams design was quite striking.  The body was large beads.

April 12 Springwood Quilt Show 073

The quilting suited it so well with perfectly matched variegated thread.

April 12 Springwood Quilt Show 077

Some beautiful English paper piecing by Ann Murray.

April 12 Springwood Quilt Show 071

Of course, a Dear Jane is always stunning. This version is by Leona Clissold. Once again a little hard to see as hung high on the wall.

April 12 Springwood Quilt Show 097

There were many other stunning quilts on display, but I think this gives you a good idea of the wonderful quality of work that is carried out by the ladies of the mountains.

There were also several trade stalls, but I was, for once, rather restrained.  I bought a couple of old doileys, but other than that we just bought our lunch, which was a lovely, hearty lentil soup.  The catering ladies do look after us well.

It was well worth taking the time to drive down to visit this show and hopefully we will be able to visit again next year.  Thanks to all the ladies who have put so much work into organising such a great event.


Susan said...

Thanks for the virtual tour. I hope to get to the Springwood show myself one day. The quilt look amazing and inspiring.

Fiona said...

I always love looking at quilts... so much inspiration.. thanks...

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Wow! I am swooning over The Tree of Life, but they are all beautiful quilts!

Beverley Kay said...

thankyou for your very nice comments on my quilt. I was really chuffed to read them. This is always a great quilt show with lots of inspiration.
Beverley Kay.

Chris said...

Hi Janice. Thanks for all the positive feedback on the show. Great to hear you enjoyed the beautiful quilts and the food!
Hope to see you again next year.