Thursday, 26 January 2012

Australia Day Outing

I hope everyone had a wonderful Australia Day, even if it was a bit damp.

We had grand plans  of getting a group of us together and motorcycling to Carcoar for their Australia Day Street Fair.  However, as the weather was looking somewhat inclement it was decided to take the car.  In the end there were only two couples, so they just came along with us.

Of course, it didn’t rain at all on the way out there, as Mick kept reminding us.  We could have brought the bikes after all.

January 2012 Australia Day 002

Although it was not raining, it was a grey old morning and the usual crowds did not eventuate.  We still had a nice look around the lovely old town and all the stalls.  The things you see wandering the  streets.

January 2012 Australia Day 003

January 2012 Australia Day 006

January 2012 Australia Day 007

There were lots of bric-a-brac stalls and I had a chuckle at one to see items that I had sold at our last Swap Meet, twelve months ago.  The dealer still had them and I was interested to see that her prices were only a little more than what I had charged.  I saved my pennies, except for a lovely scarf at a garage sale.

A feature each year is a re-enactment of the mail coach being held up and the subsequent gun battle.  You wouldn’t want to mess with this feisty old bird.  She is one of the goodies.

January 2012 Australia Day 021

Here are the baddies.

January 2012 Australia Day 023

If she can’t shoot you dead……

January 2012 Australia Day 026

She will jump on top of you and thump you dead.  Like I said, don’t mess with her.

January 2012 Australia Day 033

Next we had a look at the toy museum.  This was the first time we have found it to be open when we have been in the area.

January 2012 Australia Day 038

My favourites – Kimba and a Rubiks Cube.

January 2012 Australia Day 042

Gollies, although none like my old one.

January 2012 Australia Day 044

Mick liked the ray guns.

January 2012 Australia Day 045

This is for you Fiona, quite a collection of pencil sharpeners.

January 2012 Australia Day 046

After fortifying ourselves with scrummy scones with jam and cream we hopped in the car to continue our adventure.  We had no plans, so ended up heading over to Canowindra for the best fish and chips lunch. 

To our delight, it started to rain.  Now there was a valid reason for travelling by car and Mick couldn’t carry on.

We girls had a lovely time exploring the gorgeous gift shops.  This one was especially lovely, although I was strong and didn’t bring anything home with me.

January 2012 Australia Day 062

Meanwhile the well trained boys waited patiently.  Yes, that is rain making the photo grainy.

January 2012 Australia Day 063

We only looked through the window of the patchwork shop, as it was closed. However, there was a very intriguing item of patchwork in the window.  I took a photo, but it didn’t turn out very well.  It was a combination of recycled tweeds, denim and corduroy.  Now that has definite possibilities.  I do like the look.

January 2012 Australia Day 065

After we delivered our friends back home we had one more stop off before we headed home.  My camper trailer quilt has been quilted already.  That was much faster than I could have hoped for and it looks great.  Now I just have to add the binding for a finish.  I’ll aim for January OPAM.  I’ll have to see how I go.

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Looks like you had a fabulous time.