Friday, 7 October 2011

What’s in My Name?

Dawn has asked this question of us all and it is amazing all the different blog names and what their origins are.

Mine is rather simple.  As a littly I used to refer to myself as “Janna” – or so Mum tells me.  Apparently I used to tell her “No nawny Janna” when she scolded me.

Move forward about 25 years and a work colleague used to refer to many of the girls at work by both of the Christian names – me being Janice Mary.  Of all of them, mine seemed to be the one that stuck and I started referring to myself by the shortened version of “Jannimary”.  Long after I no longer worked there I still seem to call myself “Jannimary” if I’m talking to myself – hopefully not the first sign of madness.  More along the lines of “Come on Jannimary, get a wriggle on”.

When I started my blog I had no idea what to call it, as it was to be about all parts of my life.  I don’t do enough craft to include that in the title – it would be a bit presumptuous, so “Jannimary” it is.


Jan said...

Interesting name evolution to get to your blog title. I think the talking to yourself is OK, as long as you don't answer yourself, in your mind! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Chookyblue...... said...

always interesting to see where the names have come from

Melody said...

Very interesting. I always wondered what your blog name meant.

Cardygirl said...

Like your story!

Anonymous said...

lovely story and i love your blog.