Sunday, 27 March 2011

Visiting Newcastle

After travelling to Nundle last week, we headed off again this weekend to Newcastle.  The Ulysses Club AGM has been on all week, but we weren’t able to take the time off this year.  I can’t believe it is a year since our trip to Western Australia.

Anyway, our friends from Rockhampton were down for the Rally, so we popped over to catch up with them.

Once again, we travelled through the Bylong Valley.  We really seem to be making a habit of this, but it is so beautiful.

Newcastle March 2011 005

After leaving a gorgeous, clear morning at home, it was scatty showers all the time in Newcastle.  We were lazy and took the car, rather than a bike, and just quietly, we were quite pleased.

We mainly looked around the foreshore area with its lovely parklands and historic buildings.

Newcastle March 2011 010

After a scrummy lunch we went for a stroll and were lucky enough to be able to get under cover for the worst of the showers.

Newcastle March 2011 012

Nobbys Beach was as good as deserted.  I just loved the art deco pavilions and baths in the area, but it was too wet to take any photos.

Newcastle March 2011 015

This is the view from our hotel room window.  Once again, the beach was as good as deserted. On a previous visit, several years ago, we had a lovely time swimming at this beach.

Newcastle March 2011 017

This is also from our hotel window this morning.  The sea wasn’t quite as rough today, although it was still showery. 

I counted 11 ships out there, presumably waiting to come into the harbour to be loaded with coal. While we were having dinner last night we watched one being piloted into the harbour by three tug boats.  They sure are impressive up close.

Newcastle March 2011 023

Today we just had a leisurely trip home and will have an early night, as we are about bushed. 

Cheers, Janice


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Looks like another great weekend....wonderful photos...not the best weather...

Jenny of Elefantz said...

"Be still my beating heart..."
I miss my home so much.

Anonymous said...

Great Photos Janice. I would have taken the car too.... Makes for a great weekend even though the weather was miserable.
Was it ONLY last year when you went to WA? Seems SO much longer....

Sandi said...

You have had some busy weekends. Nundle would have been wonderful.Pity about the weather in Newcastle, but still it looks like you both enjoyed yourselves.