Monday 28 February 2011

Better Late Than Never

It is the last day of the month and I had nothing finished for OPAM.  I just don’t seem to have had the inclination to be sewing, which will never do.  There seems to have been too many other things occupying my time and mind lately.

However, I refuse to have a month go by without a finish, be it only small.  I left it to the very last opportunity to think about what to make.

I have wanted to make a little boxy pouch for quite a while.  I think they are super cute and would be handy for carrying my few necklaces when we travel.

This was to be a project that was to only come from the stash.  Firstly, I raided the box of zippers I grabbed from Mum, before she threw them out.  Not a lot suitable, but there was an aqua one that might do.  It was too short for the pattern in the tutorial, but that was easy fixed, I just jiggled the pattern size, the principle is the same.

February 2011 006

Next to find some fabric.  A cute spot was found and a brown for the lining and little tabs.

I was going great guns putting the zip in, turned it out, only to find I had put the zip upside down.  Doh!!!  Oh well, we ended up with a brown boxy pouch with pretty spotty lining and tabs. 

February 2011 003

I still think it is cute and will do the job.  It is a good size for what I want.

February 2011 001

It would probably have been less fiddly if I had made a larger version, but when did I ever take the easy road?

The tutorial I used was from It’s a Pretty Modern Life, but there are several versions out there once you start looking.

At least I can go to sleep tonight with a clear conscience.


loulee said...

Cute wee bag.
Sounds like the silly sort of thing I would do!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Well done Janice...lovely finish....

Melody said...

It looks beautifully made and your fabric choices are great.

PrettyModern said...

Thanks so much for posting the link to my tutorial. Your pouch turned out great!

Bec said...

A great finish Janice, love the boxy bag! Sewing ebbs and flows at times, some months doing lots and some months doing little. Don't stress about it. I have just caught up on all your posts - won't comment on them all, but you and Mick have been on some great trips and had fun at swap meets. Lovely sewing too, bet you have a happy 3yr old neice now!

Kate said...

Beautiful... and what a professional finish!