Sunday 31 October 2010

Open Gardens and a Small Finish

I had a lovely day out today with my friend Lisa.  We have our annual outing together to see the local open gardens.

The day started showery, so we thought we would have a damp day.  However, it soon cleared and we didn’t need our brollies at all.

We started out with the gardens in town.  “Blair Athol” is stunning, having won a National Garden award a few years ago.

Open Gardens October 2010 004

We visit every year and it is maturing beautifully.

Open Gardens October 2010 007

Our next stop was “Bishop Court”, which is a boutique B & B.  The garden is beautiful, but a special feature is the old chapel which is now a delightful dining venue.  We have been lucky enough to attend a dinner there a few years ago.

Open Gardens October 2010 011

Here are some random photos of some of the other gardens.

I don’t know what this flower was, but it was stunning.

Open Gardens October 2010 014 

The Koi Carp in this delightful pond were huge.

Open Gardens October 2010 018

This little gecko was sweet on his rock.

Open Gardens October 2010 021

Such a simple thing can look so good.

Open Gardens October 2010 022

My favourite garden is “Hillendale” at Yetholme.  It is a mature cool climate country garden.  This area is about 1100m above sea level and quite often receives snow.

Open Gardens October 2010 026 

It was so good to see it in a good season, as the little stream running through the garden was trickling down the hill to the dam.

Open Gardens October 2010 030

The dam was brim full.  Such a lovely change from the last couple of years.

Open Gardens October 2010 032

The Rhododendrons are something to behold.  This was by no means one of the large ones.

Open Gardens October 2010 036

Just look at the size of these peonies.

Open Gardens October 2010 038

Even the vege garden looks stylish.

Open Gardens October 2010 040 

Some of the borders were only just starting to bloom as it is so much cooler up there.

Open Gardens October 2010 042 

After such a lovely day out I realised that I hadn’t completed anything for OPAM.  I can’t have that.  So, I finished off my Secret Santa Christmas Decoration while sitting in the sun on the back verandah.  This is as much as I will reveal. Phew, at least something is finished.

Open Gardens October 2010 047

I have been doing a bit of Secret Santa sewing, but unfortunately nothing else. 


Cubby House Crafts said...

Thankyou for sharing everthing looks so lovely and green!
Lisa ʚϊɞ

Cardygirl said...

Gorgeous pics. Parents of a friend owned Bishops Court about 20yrs ago & I stayed there a few times...nice to see it looking so lovely! They had a pool table in the chapel!

Chookyblue...... said...

wow I must get there one time when it is going to pen gardens........maybe next year I must go to down........

Unknown said...

Oh I do enjoy going through old homes and gardens. Charmaine

Aunty said...

What stunning gardens.

Bec said...

Beautiful gardens. We saw 'Blair Athol' a few years ago, loved that the garden just kept going when you thought it was finished - garden rooms. The dining hall at Bishop Court is stunning....