Monday 31 May 2010

A Final Finish for May and Another Start

During the State of Origin rugby league game on Wednesday I made this very simple kitchen towel topper.  Mine are getting a bit tatty, so when I found this pretty tea towel I snapped it up.  The variegated yarn required only a simple pattern of trebles as anything fancier would have been too  indistinct with the yarn.


Then, on Thursday evening I popped into Spotlight for their Quilt Market night.  Unfortunately, it was a bleak old night and not many people came out. They had a quilt contest with a $100.00 prize.  The odds were good, as there were only four quilts on display.  I didn’t stay to see which one won, but this was my favourite.  It wasn’t displayed all that well, but it was really lovely.


Of course I brought some fabric home with me.  There was a new range in black and cream which rather took my eye, so  I bought 50cm of each.


I had a bit of a fiddle with pencil and paper, and on Saturday afternoon started a nice, simple quilt for the camper trailer.  I was cutting away merrily when I realised I had cut heaps of fabric too short! Doh!  So, we hopped in the car and made a quick trip into town for more.  Now I have extras to make something else, so I’m not exactly devastated. I nearly have the top pieced, so will be able to show it soon.

The weekend was bleak and miserable weatherwise with drizzly rain most of the time and, apart from the trip to Spotlight, we didn’t go anywhere.  It was such a nice weekend to stay home.  On Saturday I did lots of cooking, so we had yummy morning and afternoon coffee and banana bread. I even have some meals frozen for a change.

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Cardygirl said...

That was a pretty quilt. Your fabrics look good too.