Sunday, 6 September 2009

What a Wonderful Day

Yesterday was the best! ….. But……..I forgot my camera!!.....I’d left it beside my computer after loading my last photos. I could have kicked myself, as I would have loved to show you some photos of the day and Kim’s work.

Kim Bradley is a wonderful tutor. I had read about her in magazines, but when she brought out her show and tell I realized just how clever she is.

We were all given a pile of small quilt sandwiches. Kim’s motto is that “If you can draw it, you can quilt it”. So, Kim drew a simple design (cloverleaf) on the whiteboard and we then drew it with a pencil on paper to get the idea of the design embedded in our brains. Then she just said “Quilt it.” Oh well, let’s try……quite jerky to start with, but hey, this is our first go at this, so not too bad. Then she drew leaves and we tried that.

I’m glad I knew the very basics, like framing your work with your hands. Whenever I had tried previously there had been a design marked on the fabric and I'd had no luck with it at all. This was all freehand, so you were concentrating on your stitching, not on following a line; it seemed to work much better for me.

Next was a more detailed leaf (to a collective groan), then wonky leaves.

After lunch we experimented with lots of more designs – just doodling – good fun.

My last sample was just doodling. I am really happy with the scrolley things in one corner. My long feather border is a bit how’s your uncle, but my favourite would be the peacock feather.

Then, the main event…. Kim had gone around and drawn a feather design for everyone. This time we did follow a line – and initially I had difficulty – until I just started to use it as a guide rather than trying to stay right on the lines. It doesn’t look too crash hot on the front, but I’m quite chuffed with it when I turn it over. The stitch length is quite irregular, but we can work on that.

I just can’t believe that this was achievable after just one day.

Kim recommends having a large pile of samples prepared beside your machine and quilt for 10 minutes a day. I might just try that.

I really enjoyed the day (I think I might have already told you that) and urge anyone who has the opportunity to attend one of Kim’s classes to do so.


loulee said...

Your samples look great Janice. So glad you enjoyed it and you're going to practice some more, it really is very satisfying once you get into it.

Julie said...

Fantastic work. It takes a little to get used to doesn't it. I still have a practice before I start quilting to get in the swing of it. I'd love to master feathers, yours are good for one day.

Sandi said...

Very impressive!!! Each sample showed more improvement that the previous one. That last one looks great!!
I am yet to try freestyle quilting, it's all a bit daunting.

Bec said...

What amazing quilting you have done! Sounds like you had a fabulous time! How do you feel about quilting now????