Thursday 10 April 2008

Ready For Quilting

This year requires quite a few quilts to be made. In May my boss' wife and our receptionist are both having a baby and my uncle is turning 80. In July we have a wedding to go to and my niece turns one.

I like the idea of giving a quillow for a gift for a baby. Something that is useful, but can be used as a cushion as well, and is a decent size to throw down on the floor or ground for a baby to play on. As there are going to be 2 babies and I don't know if they are going to be boys or girls I am making 4! The other 2 will be in the cupboard and I'll be organised next time someone has a baby. I have the quilt top pieced for 3 of them, the 4th is cut out ready to go. It will also just be squares. I haven't done any of the cushion fronts as yet, but it will happen.

For my uncle I have made the darker blue scrappy nine patch quilt. It has lovely rich colours and should be masculine enough. The border fabric is a William Morris pattern of birds and pomegranites. As his surname is Bird and he is an orchardist, I thought it was rather appropriate.

I'm being lazy and taking these to the machine quilter today. I've had the big rush last night and this morning getting the backing fabrics joined and cut to size.

Now the last quilt top needs to be made in the next few days as I will have to get it to her next week. It should all be OK.

Once these are finished, I will have to start on a quilt for the newly weds and a big bed quilt for my niece.

Recently a friend wanted to see my quilts. I had to explain that I really don't have many as I give them all away. I'll have to do one for us soon.

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