Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Another Swap Meet

Now that Christmas and the holidays are out of the way our weekends are starting to get a little busy.  Also, I’m a little slow in getting around to telling about them.

The week after our Swap Meet we went along to the one at the little village of Newbridge and had another little stall.  It is always nice to be able to just turn up and not have to be doing the work.

It meant a very early start, as the early bird catches the worm and it helps if the worm is actually there to be caught.

February 2012 076

This is really a great way to declutter.  

February 2012 088

There were some rather interesting things that turned up for sale.

February 2012 077

What a procession.  Behind the cream car there was also an old bike.

February 2012 079

I think they all went home on the same truck they arrived on.

We sold a little bit, but I think the best bit is sitting in the sun, catching up with friends that were there and just and having a chat to lots of people browsing.  Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.


Jewells said...

I too enjoy having a stall... you meet interesting people, breath in the fresh air and you have time to relax in the sun...Cheers!

Bec said...

A shame that the cars and bike went home again but lovely to see them! A great social day, and for sitting in the sun and stitching! xxx