Monday, 29 February 2016

Tassie Day 9

We're here!

We got ourselves organised early this morning, packing up a wet camper, after light rain during the night.

You can register for a Ulysses AGM fairly early on the Monday morning and then find a spot to camp on the site.

The only problem was that we couldn't find any directions to the registration point.  Normally they are really well signposted from the outskirts or the town.  Fortunately, we had been here just over a year ago and had a general idea where to go.  Eventually we found the main event site, and were directed back to the registration site.

Next, to find the camp site, which this time, is located separately to the main site.  

By now it was raining again, so we found a spot and got ouerselves set up.  There are hills behind those  tents, not that you could tell.

Here is our home sweet home for the next five days, complete with washing hanging to dry.

We have just spent the rest of the day getting a bit settled in.  The rain did stop, with just another heavy shower in the late afternoon.

I must say that the first impressions of this event are a little disappointing compared to others we have attended.  There is only one, rather run down, shower block in the back of a semitrailer for each sex, for the entire campground.  It is quite a distance from the camp ground to the main event site.  All food is at the main event site, not even breakfast at the campsite.  The only thing we can get is a coffee for a short time in the morning.  Normally bikes and trailers have a sticker with your entry number on it to prevent someone riding out with someone else's gear.  Not this time.

The positives are that the supermarket is close by and ice is cheaper on site than at the supermarket.  We will also save money on food as we will cook most meals.  Not a positive for the food traders.

However, we've caught up with some friends from Rockhampton that we usually see at these rallies.  Our main friends from there did not come down this time.  We also ran into a mate from near home that we did not know was coming down, which was a nice surprise.  There are a few people we have kept meeting on our travels around Tassie that are now here and it is good to see them again.

The weather is forecast to be cloudy but fine tomorrow, so we will probably head out for a day trip somewhere.  Who knows where we will end up.


Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

Oh Janis nothing worse than camping in the rain . Hope it truly is fine tomorrow. You little camplooks great though.

Rachaeldaisy said...

It's interesting to hear your thoughts about the organising of the event. I hope the weather has cleared up and you get some perfect sunny days.