Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Modern HST Sampler Block 3 - "Lantern"

I've been eagerly awaiting the next installment of the Modern HST Sampler, which came out yesterday.  I didn't have a chance to check it out last night, so had to wait till this afternoon.

The block has been named "Lantern", after the Green Lantern, but I think mine is more of a "Blue Lantern".  As promised, it used a different technique.  I did like this method.  It was quick and accurate.  I definitely prefer it to the method with biased edges.  This one came together rather quickly.

Now Alyce, our hostess with the mostest for this Stitch-A-Long is packing up her sewing space in readiness for her move from Japan back to Australia and has requested pics of our sewing spaces as inspiration.  

Mine is definitely not inspirational at the moment - but I'm including it here to keep things real.

My sewing space at the moment is a section of a family room next to the dining nook.  In just over a month we too will be moving to a new house, complete with a sewing room - nice and big, with doors that can be closed on it.  I can't wait to get myself set up.

I pulled fabric when I got home from work, making a mess all over the kitchen table, quickly made the block and then left to go out to attend a meeting, leaving the mess where it was.

When we returned home we brought the washing in to add that to the mix.  I will go and tidy it up a little when I have posted this.  I have to at least have somewhere to eat breakfast.

I'm linking up with Sew Cute Tuesdays.  Go and check out what some other clever ladies have been up to and to also see some sewing spaces - probably much more inspirational and tidier than mine.

I'm also linking up with Design Board Monday, be it a day late.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Swap Meet Time Again

Our Annual Bathurst Historic Car Club Swap Meet was held yesterday.  It seems like no time since the one last year.

We had a great day with good weather - our most important feature. There were hundreds of stalls and thousands of visitors.

Mick and I only had a little stall this time, as so much of our stuff is still in boxes since we moved into town.  Next year might be a different story.

Mick spent a lot of time standing in the above position.  You see, we had "Doug" the old Douglas for sale.  Every second bloke wanted to know all about it, so Mick was happy to have a yarn.

There were all sorts of things for sale.

A new project?

Even something for the girls.

Any number of old bikes.

Most important - good coffee.

We even saw a Rickman similar to Mick's.

More interesting goodies.

Mick had to have a sit on the old Fergie. One of old neighbours had it for sale.  It had been ours prior to that.  Mick drove it in the World Record breaking ploughing weekend some years ago.  It has now gone to a home in Windsor, so we won't see it again.  It is a good little tractor.

The day was a great success for sellers, buyers and also the Club.  Now we will be able to give a lot of the proceeds away to charity.

And Doug?  Yes, he did sell.  We are a little sad, but had made the decision for him to go to a new home, where he wouldn't spend most of his life hidden in the back corner of a shed.  He will be going to a private museum in Young in a couple of weeks, which will be good. The best thing is that he won't be restored, but maintained in his original condition. Also, the fellow we bought him from 25 years ago was at the Swap Meet, so we learned some more of his history and the new owner met him as well, which was nice.

Last night we were exhausted. but pleased that we had hosted another successful event.  Next year we hope to take more of a back seat role and give some others a chance to do the organising.  They should have good fun.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Design Wall Monday

One of those many commitments I have made this year was to take part in Cath's Design Wall Monday.  I'm sure I won't have anything to show on quite a few weeks, but with a bit of luck it will encourage me to do at least a little something.

All I have to show today is progress on the binding on my Jigsaw Place Mat.  This is one of my 2016 Finish-A-Long goals.  

I actually did the proper joining on the binding this time rather than the old fold over the end and tuck under the other end of the binding.  It worked rather well.  The hand stitching that I have done so far was completed in my lunch break the other day.  It will only take another lunch to be finished.  Let's try for next week.

Sunday, 31 January 2016


At the beginning of last summer I bought a linen dress for myself.  It is lovely and comfortable and cool........and drab!  Hey, it would be great to take a pattern off and make in a floral though.

It is so drab that I dubbed it my "Prison Dress".  The poor fit on "Victoria" makes it look even worse.

I reckoned it could be brightened up a bit by adding a couple of pretty patch pockets.....but it never happened and I continued to wear it as it was, but only around home.  

Garment sewing isn't something I do these days, just one of those good intentions I have.

Last winter I bought this dress.  It has great gathered patch pockets, which are just the right size and in the exact right position.  They became my inspiration to make some pockets for this summer.

I had a fabric in mind to use, but of course, it is packed away in a box that I knew I wouldn't need until we had made our final move (like the box of felt that I have wanted several times).  I found another sprigged cotton that would give the look I was after.

Then I went searching for inspiration and pattern instructions on Pinterest and found this tutorial to be very helpful.

Using the measurements from my winter dress  and the tutorial I drafted the pattern, got my fabric ready to press, only to discover it is not one piece but several 10" squares.  Too small.  Blast!!  (I've no idea where I got this fabric from, but I've had it for years.) Back to look in the stash.

You know how they say that every cloud has a silver lining.  Look what I found scrunched down in between the fat quarters.  Perfect!  Better than the other.  Once again, I've no idea where it came from, but looking at the selvedge it is Australian and I'm guessing dates from the 70s. It was obviously a scrap after making a garment, going on the shapes.

It was too pretty to waste on the pocket linings, so back to the stash, where I found some scraps from a quilt backing that were just the right width and a good match, not that it would be seen.

Now that looks a little bit brighter.

What was to be a quick little project ended up taking all morning and it seemed so strange working with a 5/8" seam. 

I am so very happy with the results that I can't take the smile off my face when I have my fists jammed into my new pockets. I might just be game to wear it somewhere other than at home.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Our Saturday

We had a lovely day pottering today.

After a late, leisurely breakfast we walked down to the local shops to get the papers.  (One of the advantages of being back in town.)  As we got closer we noticed a fair bit of activity further down the road.

During the week we had followed a truck down the road with a couple of old ploughs on the back.  The truck was owned by a local vintage tractor enthusiast.

The next day, we noticed the ploughs in a paddock.

The next day we noticed an old orange vintage tractor in the paddock, and the paddock had been lightly ploughed.

This morning there appeared to be quite a bit of activity in the paddock and a few trucks parked at the church next to the paddock.  Of course we had to go and investigate.

There were about a dozen vintage tractors going round and round ploughing the paddock.  That is our mate "Agro" on the Bulldog above.

There was a fellow standing, watching and taking some photos.  We got chatting and it turns out that he is the pastor of the church.  He told us that the church owns the paddock, which is on the river side of the flood levee bank, so can never be built on.  They have decided that it would be ideal for a community garden for various charities and community groups to use.  They will also be able to grow veges for the soup kitchen that they run.

The little grey Fergie above has a V8 engine in it.  Boys and their toys.

Another of our mates, who is very involved in the church, contacted the vintage tractor enthusiast to see if he would lend a tractor and plough, so that they could cultivate the paddock. The response that he received was that he would bring a few mates along to give a hand.

They were having a great time, actually using their old toys, rather than just having them on a static display.  The orange Chamberlain above was the main work horse.  It flew around the paddock, making light work of it.  The engine sounded extremely powerful, but I think you would need good ear muffs if you were on it for any length of time.

Mick spent many hours on a tractor like the red one at the front of the above picture when he was a kid.

It was a great initiative to see.  A real win, win.  We are looking forward to seeing how they progress with their venture.

We finally tore ourselves away and ventured on to actually get the papers. It was quite warm by then (so much for our early walk in the cool) so an iced coffee was required.  It really hit the spot.

When we eventually got home I started what was to be my morning's job - making zucchini slice and moussaka to make use of our veges.


No tinned tomatoes this time, as our tomatoes are doing well now.  Not enough big ones to make relish as yet, but loads of the little ones, which are a variety called "Tomato Berry".  They are sweet little heart shaped tomatoes.

It was good to get some meals prepared for the freezer.

The weather has been quite stormy lately, but we have missed most of them over the last few days.  This afternoon was no exception.  Enough to make you rush out and get the towels off the line, but then it stopped as quickly as it started.  It did, however create some stunning skies.

I hope your Saturday was just as enjoyable as ours.