Friday, 8 May 2015

Bathurst’s Bicentennial – 200 Years of Fashion

There as just so many events taking place this year as part of the Bathurst 200 celebrations. We don’t have a hope of seeing a half of them.

On Sunday, an exhibition of fashions over the last 200 years opened at the Entertainment Centre.  Most of the garments are locally owned.  I’ll just share some random shots.

May 2015 066

May 2015 067 

May 2015 071

May 2015 076

May 2015 069

May 2015 079

May 2015 088

May 2015 090

May 2015 092 

May 2015 094

May 2015 096

May 2015 103

May 2015 120

May 2015 117

It was a wonderful collection to visit.  The detail in the early dresses is astounding.  Once again, the exhibition is on for the next week or so, so try and get along for a look if you are in the area.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Bathurst’s Bicentennial – Peoplescape

Bathurst is celebrating it’s birthday today.  She is 200 years old.

May 2015 063

The opening ceremony for the party was last Sunday which incorporated the launch of Peoplescape.  It was the perfect day, with the temperature into the 20s – very unusual for this time of year.

May 2015 151

We were entertained by the local conservatorium of music.

May 2015 062

Let’s go for a walk.

May 2015 024

Locals nominated people they recognise as being significant to the city over the last 200 years. 

May 2015 138

From there they decorated a silhouette for their nominee.  Some were simple, others very artistic and some were just plain fun.  Schools and community groups were involved in some “people”, while others were by individuals.

May 2015 145

They range from historical figures to current members of the community, those who are prominent, to those just working away quietly in the background.  It was fascinating to learn more of those who have helped shape our home town.

Let’s go for a walk.

May 2015 129

Lachlan Macquarie declare this a delightful place on 7 May 1815.

May 2015 149

Prime Minister Ben Chifley is probably Bathurst’s most famous son, with a market gardener from the late 1800s and an Aboriginal elder in the background.

Picturescape 1

Footballer George Rose, artist Brett Whitely and poet AD Hope were all educated here.

There are  those that have had a direct influence on me.


Anne Ashwood, who was one of my English teachers in high school went on to be Mayor and have a sporting field named after her.

Hans Stroeve was my maths teacher (he made maths great fun, bringing in a poker machine to teach about ratios and playing Monty Python tapes while we worked). He still continues teaching at the school now and I presume is still making maths fun for the current generation of students.

Toni Daymond, who worked at the library from when I was quite small, introducing me to a love of books.  She has done so much for so many community groups over the years.  I can even remember making one of those puppets at the library in primary school.

There are too many others to show here.

The display is on for another week or so, so if you are in the Bathurst area, make the time to go and have a look at a terrific display which is both interesting as well as artistic.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Springwood Quilt Show 2015

On Anzac Day, after the Dawn Service, we decided to head off down the mountains and visit the Springwood Quilt Show.  I have visited twice previously (here and here), but Mick has never been before.

Mick is good company at a quilt show, as he really appreciates the work and designs involved.  When mates look at him a little oddly when he tells them he has been to  quilt show, she assures them it is just like visiting an art gallery, only the medium used is fabric. 

This is a collage of Mick’s photos.

Springwood Quilts Collage - MH

Now onto mine.

Quilts 1

Quilts 2

Quilts 3

Quilts 4

Quilts 5

Quilts 6

As you can see, there was the usual huge variety of styles of quilts.  The ladies of the Blue Mountains certainly are certainly a creative bunch.

While wandering around, I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow blogger, Blue Mountain Daisy.  She is just as delightful in person as in her blog.  Some of the most colourful quilts in the show were her creations.

In addition to the quilts there were some lovely stalls and a delicious lunch.

April 2015 051

April 2015 085

Yes, and here’s Mick, standing in the shade, waiting patiently for me to have my final look around.

April 2015 103

It’s always a pleasure to visit this show and we will be back again in the future.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Anzac Day

Anzac Day has  been and gone again for another year.  This years was extra special, being the anniversary of the Gallipoli landing.

Like so many other centres, the ladies of Bathurst and surrounds made thousands of red knitted poppies.  Mum is responsible for a few of them. These were displayed on and around the War Memorial Carillon in Kings Parade. There was also a white cross for every man who enlisted in the district in WWI and didn’t return – over 400 them.  The made a stunning display.Anzac Poppies

The purple poppy is to remember the animals who served along side the men.

We attended the dawn service.  The first one we have been to since Dad passed away. (We have attended services at Coonabarabran and O’Connell for the last two years). Crowds were certainly up on normal. 

Anzac Poppies 2015

I was proud to wear Dad’s miniature medals and a poppy knitted by Mum.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Ironfest – A Great Day Out

Lithgow has hosted Ironfest for about fifteen years now and we have only been once before, probably about ten years ago.  It started out being mainly blacksmiths, some war stuff and jousting.

Since then it has expanded and there has been an added dimension, in the way of steam punk.  All the other features are still there as well. So we have medieval, middle ages, Napoleonic wars, World War Two, blacksmithing, gypsies, steam punk, music, food, you name it.  The main thing is that is that so many people dress up and take a lot of trouble over their outfits.  Half the fun is the people watching.

Saturday is the main day, but we were at the Bathurst Show, so attended on the Sunday, which was still fantastic.  Enjoy the colour of the day.

Battle of LithgowThe Battle of Lithgow

Anvils Ironfest 2015  All styles of anvils

Blacksmiths Ironfest 2015 Blacksmiths hard at work.


What a mixture All sorts of characters.

Victorian Steam Punk Victorian Steam Punk

Vans and cars Ironfest 2015 What a way to travel.

TorchaHow do kids “torcha” a hardened medieval hangman?  “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”  Works every time. 

Steam Punk The butterfly wings were handcrafted by the Victorian gentleman.  They even open and close using the butterfly shaped key. Check out the workmanship in the leather arm brace. Clever, clever, clever.

Robots Ironfest 2015

Even robots were featured.

Music Ironfest 2105 We had never heard a hurdy-gurdy played before and the lady playing it was so very informative about the instrument and the music they played.

Lets go shopping Let’s go shopping.

KnightsWatch out for those knights.  There was even a tower in the background.

Kids having fun Give a kid a sword and they will have great fun.

Keeping us entertained Wandering entertainers kept us all amused.

Getting Creative Medieval crafts were interesting.

Colourful characters More colourful characters.

April 2015 Ironfest 204 There were even autumn leaves to kick.

The weather had been delightful all day and we just arrived home in time to get the washing off the line before the rain started.

April 2015 Ironfest 211

If ever you get the chance to visit Ironfest, do so.  There is just so much to see and who doesn’t love a fancy dress party.