Sunday, 19 November 2017

Down The Hill

This morning was nice and sunny, which was a change. It would have been a lovely day up in the hills, but it was going to be a lovely day for travelling too.

We headed off towards Cooma.  The countryside was a picture, with lush green pastures.  Notice how the landscape has changed to relatively flat and no rocks. 

We were happy to see a sign for the Rotary Markets so we called in to visit. 

To our delight we found a “Baby Bay” plant to replace the one we lost during the winter. We also bought a loaf of Dutch Fruit Loaf from this stall for our breakfasts.

After Cooma we travelled across the Monaro Plains.  Pronounced Mon-air-ro, not Mon-are-ro like the car. 

Our route took us through Nimatabel. All I knew of the town was that there is an elephant statue. I have no idea of its significance. 


It was an interesting little place to explore and we found a nice coffee shop for late morning tea. 

As we travelled east we came to “Browns Mointain”. Mick has memories of breaking down in an old school bus going up this road when in his early 20s. It was going to be a good test of our brakes. They were fine. 

Near the top there is a lookout, giving a glimpse of where we were headed. I saw a rather beautiful little honey eater in a shrub, but it was too quick for me to get a photo of. 

It’s amazing how the vegetation changes. 

The mountainside was just covered in tree ferns, most with lots of new growth. 

Finally we reached the bottom and entered dairy country. Look how lush it is.

By mid afternoon we had reached our destination, Tathra, on the coast out from Bega. We have briefly visited here in the past, and thought it might be a nice place to spend a couple of nights.  It didn’t take long for us to get set up and be walking along the beach. 

I don’t think we will be doing any swimming, as the water is rather chilly.  However, the weather was glorious and quite warm, which was a nice change. 

Mind you the water temperature didn’t seem to bother this pied oystercatcher.

It is amazing how plants get washed around by the sea but are ready to grow wherever they get the opportunity.   We did have to keep our eyes peeled, as there were quite a few blue bottles washed up on the beach. 

Where ther is some suitable sea weed I just have to make a face.

I think we will go for another walk tomorrow, as it is such a lovely spot. The water is so clear and I didn’t see one bit of rubbish on the beach. For such a nice day, there was hardly anyone there. Hard to believe. 

Now, to our campsite for the next couple of nights. I’ll have to take a pic of the van site tomorrow, but it is a lovely park right beside the beach. It has its own cute coffee van and fire pit, but it is a bit too warm for that now. 

There are friendly rainbow lorikeets. 

Sunday night has a bit of entertainment. There was a food van selling yummy Mexican food.  Perfect when you don’t want to cook.  Then there was the entertainment. You see, the caravan park is owns by Frankie J Holden from the band “Ol 55” fame. He and a couple of mates sang for about an hour and a half and it was great fun. There was a good sized crowd and everyone joined in. A rather pleasant way to spend the evening.

We don’t really know what we will do tomorrow, but we are starting to get into holiday mode, so I don’t expect that it will be all that much. 

Exploring The High Country Saturday 18 November

Today was to be the day we explore the scenic high country and get to play in the snow.  We knew there was a chance that the weather could be inclement and we weren’t too phased by that, which was just as well, as the day proved to be wet and dreary. 

But, first things first.......

Mushrooms for breakfast. They don’t look very appetising but they were delicious, with that taste that you only get with wild mushrooms, and you just don’t get with those from the supermarket. There are more left for tomorrow as well. Yummo!

The lake was nice and calm this morning, but rain was never far away. 

I even remembered to take a picture of our campsite overlooking the lake. 

We headed off on our drive towards Thredbo.  One of Mick’s workmates told him of a couple of nice campgrounds, so went to have a look see.  The Diggings was on a nice calm stretch of the Thredbo River. The water was crystal clear and we even saw a couple of trout swimming by. The rod was in the back of the Ute, but it wasn’t the weather to be sitting fishing. You can see what a serious fisherman Mick is.

The trees looked nice and fresh in the wet weather.

There were different wildflowers as well. 

The next campground was Ngarigo Campground. The Thredbo River was quite different here, being fast flowing and rocky. 

Rather picturesque. 

We continued on our way to Thredbo, which was bustling, as it was the opening day of the mountain cycling season. Not the best weather, but that wasn’t stopping anyone. The cyclists hooked their bikes on the back of the chairlift seats and up they went. Body armour and crash helmets were all the go, so these guys and girls were somewhat serious. 

Once at the top they then road back down the mountain bike course to the side of the lifts (not shown here). 

We continued on our way, noticing that the vegetation continued to change, becoming more alpine.  

Finally, we started to see snow in the gloom. 

We arrived at the walkway at Charlottes Pass, only to find it closed. oh well, there was another path nearby, being the start of the Main Range Track.

Mick’s on his way.

Fancy that.  He is in the snow.  Quite funny really, as yesterday when I spied the snow in the distance his reaction was “Good, now we’ve seen it I don’t have to play in it.”  He grew up in a snowy area, so isn’t thrilled by snow, reckoning it is just cold and wet. 

Yes, I was in the snow too.  Mick took a pic, but I haven’t downloaded it, so this will have to do. No, we didn’t play in it, and didn’t even touch it.  Just not the weather.  I was busy keeping my camera dry under my umbrella. 

Here are a few pictures I took. It was rather lovely and moody. The colours of the bark really shone in the wet weather. 

See the track going up the hill in the distance on the right. There must have been quite a few walkers out there going on the number of cars in the car park. They can have that.

We got back to Jindabyne in time for a late lunch and the weather was finally starting to clear. It is amazing how different the lake looked compared to the same time yesterday. 

We even had a little walk along the foreshore checking out the artistic seats along the way.

We had a great day playing the tourist. No, we didn’t have picture postcard weather, but it was really interesting to experience how it can close in.  It was certainly worth the visit.