Wednesday, 10 September 2014

This, That and the Other

I thought it was about time that I had a little catch up here.  I seem to have lots of bits and pieces to share.  Please tag along as I jump randomly all over the place.


Firstly, we had the pleasure of Chookyblue and Fairy Girl coming to visit. There was food, lots of talking and laughing, coffee, shopping, a little stitching in the sun…..


I’m making slow progress on my Nundle Bag.

MH Camera up to September 2014 035

More food (had to do a test run for the Bathurst Blog Meet) ….

September 2014 005

And there was even a little motorcycling. It was really nice to have their company.


The weather has been a little crazy.  The last week of winter was glorious.  The first day of spring wasn’t too bad, but then it turned somewhat feral.

September 2014 JH Phone 060

Followed by a run of big frosts and cold days.  Not the best for the blossoms.  As I say each year, I’m glad I’m not a commercial orchardist.

September 2014 008

There was a lovely rainbow one afternoon on my way home from work.  You can see a really faint second rainbow to the right. (Don’t worry, I did pull over to take the photo.)

September 2014 011

On Saturday afternoon it built up for storms, and the afternoon light was gorgeous, but nothing came of it.

September 2014 056

However, there was another stunning rainbow.

September 2014 065


We’ve continued to be busy outside at home.  There has been another trailer load of prunings taken to the tip, though not as big as last time.

We had left things a little late, so some of the trimmings were already coming into blossom.  Too good to waste, so out came all sorts of vases to show them off.

September 2014 060

There was a lovely, subtle, soft scent while they were all grouped together.

They are now distributed around the house.  I will take some more photos as they are now in full bloom.


We also have had a gorgeous bunch of roses in the dining room that were a gift.  The colours are stunning.  This photo was taken after a week in the vase.  We are amazed at how well they have lasted.

September 2014 016


Back outside, the wattle is in full bloom.  I always wait impatiently for its wonderful display.  I marvel at the fact that a little, tiny tube stock that we planted has grown into this tree.

September 2014 014

September 2014 058

At the same time we planted a second wattle, of the same variety under the gum trees at the bottom of our garden.  It has been slower to grow, but is now a lovely splash of colour in among the trees.

September 2014 019


We were down to just one chook, who was looking rather lonely, but still continues to lay one egg a day, now that the weather is warming up.

September 2014 028

We now have another four to keep her company.  They are settling in well.  My goodness, it is a challenge to get a photo of them all together.  Hopefully we will have lots of eggs before too long.

September 2014 045

The have the run of our little orchard area, which we affectionately call the “Free Range Avery”.  You see, when we first got some chooks we used a feeder in their chook shed….which attracted mice…….which in turn, in the summer months, attracted those long slithery, hissy things that I don’t particularly like.  Therefore, we just throw their feed out into the orchard each morning, which attracts all the local birds.  There can be up to about 30 birds there at a time.  We get choughs, crimson rosellas, eastern rosellas, magpies, crested pigeons, currawongs, cockatoos and galahs, to name a few.

Last weekend when I was pruning, there were quite a few crimson rosellas that weren’t in the least bothered about me.  They were quite happy to have their photos taken.

September 2014 030 September 2014 036

September 2014 048


In the orchard, the apricot tree is always the first to blossom, and every year it gets frosted.  Unfortunately, we’ve never had a crop.  You can see some of the damage here.

September 2014 040

However, some of the blossoms weren’t out yet, so there is still hope of some fruit.

September 2014 041

We have a flowering plum, which never seems to get frosted, which is rather ironic, as it is the one that isn’t even meant to fruit.

September 2014 072

It is such a lovely tree, with its ever so slight pink tinge.

September 2014 073


We have a few bits and pieces in the vege garden.  I’ve been waiting patiently for the peas and snow peas to emerge and this week they got a go on.  A bit of rain and no big frosts has made quite a difference.

September 2014 106 flourishes

Of course, Joey is never far away and is a great help.

September 2014 082

September 2014 086


Last Sunday was Father’s Day, so we lit the barbie for Mick’s family.  Naturally the footy came out and the boys had  a bit of a play.

September 2014 091

September 2014 094


I just had to take a photo of these lovely snowdrops.

September 2014 103


And finally, we had a huge thunder storm last night.  There was one enormous rolling thunder clap.  You could hear it coming, a deep rumble.  The whole house shook and then you could hear it rumbling away into the distance. We received 16mms of rain, which filled all the tanks and watered the garden nicely.  Just what was required.

When I went up to feed the chooks this morning I thought there was a stick on the grass, but no, it was a worm.  Not an inch worm, but Mick called it a “foot worm”.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen one so big.

September 2014 104


Oh, if you were wondering, no, our house hasn’t sold yet.  All things come to those who wait, so we are waiting patiently for someone to come along who will love it as much as us.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

I Ache!

This may the reason why.  Mick and I had a huge weekend beating the garden into submission.  We didn’t have an open house this week, so we could get in and make a mess.

August 2014 014

We weeded and chopped and planted and it looks so much better for it. 

I don’t know what happened this year.  Everything is supposed to be dormant for the winter months.  The mower usually doesn’t come out of the shed from about May through to August, but Mick has had to mow several times this winter and the weeds that had grown don’t bear thinking about.

The weather was just perfect for being outside.  It reached 19 degrees each day.  We were even able to wear a tee-shirt, rather than the layers we have been used to for the  last few months.  It was so good to feel warm.

Yesterday we had a sun shower come across.  It was strange being in the rain and not feeling cold and wanting to run inside.  It was also rather pretty. Nice, gentle rain.

August 2014 008

I love seeing the flowers start to appear again now, although several of these have been blooming for some time.

Daffodils & Jonquils 


I had so much trouble getting violets to grow when we first moved out here, as we had no shade, but they are everywhere now, much to Mick’s disgust, but I love them.  We have five different shades, ranging from white to deep purple.  They are such a delicate little flower.


Hellebores are another of my favourites.  These all came as tiny seedlings from church fetes and the like.  They live in the shade under a cotoneaster.


After we had tidied everything, it was time to test the watering system.  It was so pretty in the sunshine.  Once again, we didn’t mind getting wet, while setting all the sprays.  There was a definite feeling of spring in the air.

August 2014 018

August 2014 023

August 2014 021

August 2014 025

Now we just want regular rain to make everything thrive.