Friday, 12 December 2014

Secret Santa Christmas Swap

I  have been rather remiss in my posts about participating in the Secret Santa Christmas Swap run by Chookyblue.

This is the fifth time I’ve joined in and it has got to the stage that Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a parcel arriving from somewhere over the sea.

I still can’t disclose where my parcel went to as it hasn’t been shared on the recipient’s blog, but I believe it has arrived safe and sound.  Here is a couple of little peeks.

Novmeber 2014 005 

Novmeber 2014 010

It was fun wrapping everything up to send on its way.

November 2014 013

Then the big wait begins. As usual, I seem to get so caught up in making the gift to send off that I forget that I too will receive a parcel from somewhere……..but where?

Well, this year it came from here.

 November & December 2014 367

Yes, all the way from America……don’t get me started on singing the Joan Armatrading Song.

My swap partner was Katie, who’s blog is new to me.  She has presented her parcel so beautifully.

November & December 2014 370

As usual, I could open the small package now, to reveal the most beautiful Christmas bird ornament. 

November & December 2014 372

I have always taken photos of the ornaments hanging from my pantry door.  I took this one out while we were packing, so that it wouldn’t miss out.  The last ornament to be hung from there.

November & December 2014 380

Now I have to wait patiently (I’m not very patient) for Christmas to open the rest of the parcel.  I can’t wait.

Thanks to Katie for making such a delightful ornament.  I’m going to enjoy exploring her blog now.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

It’s All Happening

After seven months on the market our house has finally sold!!!

November & December 2014 359

After six months we changed agents and went to auction, which brought things to a head.  We accepted an offer a few days before the auction.

Contracts exchanged on 19 November and settlement is on 19 December, so a relatively short time.  Add to that, the local removalists were fully booked except for Thursday and Friday last week.  Therefore, we had a mad pack of anything that was in or on furniture, so the removalists could do their stuff.  They did a marvellous job.

We are still packing the last bits and pieces before doing the big clean.  One week to go.  All good.

So, we are now living in town, in a small three bedroom house that we have owned for a while as an investment.  Timing worked out just right to enable us to do a bit of a renovation before moving in, without affecting any tenants.  We have lots of stuff packed away till we move into the house we are going to build, but we will be nice and cosy in the mean time.  I will even have a nice, light filled sewing corner.  I will share more with you once I get organised.

I have so much that I want to share from the last few months.  Blogging has taken a back seat to life for a little while, but that will all change once things settle down a little.  I will be doing a big catch up.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Yes, I’ve Been Sewing

However, most of my stitching has been of the secret variety.

The only thing I have to share for the month of October is another bib.


As you may guess, this was made to accompany the baby quilt I finished in September and I did get to take a better photo of the finished quilt before I gave it away.


They were well received and I believe they are being used, which is what I intended.

Friday, 31 October 2014


I’m doing a bit of back tracking with my blog posts at the moment.  We seem to have been rather busy, as you will see, and with little or no internet access each night.  Therefore, I’m going to try to prepare some blog posts of an evening and attempt to have them post in the early morning…..Fingers crossed I can get access then.

Remember a few weeks ago we attended the Trunkey Creek Show.  That was on the Saturday of the V8 Car Races at Bathurst.  On the Sunday we had to make a quick trip into town.  On our way home Mick mentioned that he would like to go out to Oberon sometime soon to see the dam.  Oberon Dam is a water supply dam that has not had any boating access for quite some years.  Last summer they changed the conditions to allow unpowered boats on the dam.  Mick has his kayak and wanted to see where the boats can be launched.

We aren’t avid followers of the car races, just watching the start and finish and popping in every now and then to see what is happening.  So, when I suggested we go to Oberon there and then it became a plan.    Nothing like doing it while we had the chance.  There are a few different roads we could take and I was trying to second guess Mick at a couple of intersections.  After then I said that I knew which way he was going as there were no further options…….. and then we both said “Yes, there is.  Let’s take it”.

This is the road less travelled.  We have actually only been on it once before and in the opposite direction.

Otober 2014 055

Otober 2014 056

Initially the scenery was rather lunar.

Otober 2014 057

However, before long it became much nicer.

Otober 2014 059

The creek crossing is rather deep.  You wouldn’t want to attempt driving through it after rain.

Otober 2014 062

The area had been settled for many years with some lovely old relics.

Otober 2014 060

Once we crossed the creek the scenery changed again.

Otober 2014 063

Eventually we popped out at the other end of the road, not far from the famous Mayfields Gardens.

More interesting old relics.

Otober 2014 065

Finally we arrived at Oberon Dam, which was looking a picture. 

Otober 2014 079

The water level is down a bit, but the granite boulders are rather stunning.

Otober 2014 068

Mick was happy with what he saw, so hopefully we will get a chance to take the kayak up there some time this summer.

Otober 2014 071

I’d be quite happy sitting on the bank in the shade with some stitching or a good book.

Otober 2014 080

I’d never tire of looking at this scenery.

Otober 2014 082

After checking everything out, it was time for fish and chips in the park, (having been talking about going fishing on the dam – good trout). 

Once we returned home there was still plenty of time to see the finish of a somewhat eventful car race.  A great way to spend the day.

Thursday, 30 October 2014


Remember a while ago I shared all the birds I had seen or heard on a Sunday morning.

Well, since then I have seen or heard quite a few more.  There have been red rumps, galahs, a yellow throated scrub wren, white breasted triller, jabaroo, thornbills, swallows and dusky wood swallows.  I’m sure there have been others I can’t think of at the moment.

Here is one of the dusky wood swallows.  It doesn’t look much here, but they are so pretty.  Their colouring is “dusky”, just like their name implies and they have a white flash across their tail when flying.  We really enjoy their visits each year.

October 2014 003

The most exciting thing though, is our little robins.  Remember I hoped they would nest.  Well, the week after my post about them, there was lots of flitting to and from the cotoneaster, just below our verandah, giving us a bird’s eye view.  Pardon the pun.

Firstly we couldn’t see anything.

October 2014 064

Then Mick spotted something.  Can you see it?  A very well hidden nest made from wool, so it will be nice and cosy.  It looks very frail.

October 2014 004

After we had the snowy, stormy night a couple of weeks ago I checked and the nest was still there, but there was no sign of either Mum or Dad Robin, so I was a little worried.

Then a few days later I heard and then saw Dad.  Still no sign of Mum.  Then another few days later I thought I saw Mum.  Then we saw Dad flit into the cotoneaster again, so had a closer look.

October 2014 060

October 2014 062

She is so tiny and the nest is very well camouflaged.  There is only one small gap in the leaves that you can see through.

We had a really wild wind storm again a few days ago and I was worried how they would go, but after checking, she was still in the nest.

Now we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the babies. I’ll keep you posted.


While on the subject of our feathered friends, our new chooks are doing well.  They have now filled out nicely and are giving us four eggs a day.  We are giving eggs away left, right and centre.  The eggs are getting to be a good size now and we have even had one with a double yolk.

October 2014 047

There hasn’t been much computer stuff happening here lately, as our internet connection is somewhat tenuous of late.  It is rather frustrating not being able to connect and then, when you do, everything going at snail’s pace.  No, we haven’t exceeded our limit, it is like this all the time.  It was never like this until recently. I wonder if the towers are just not coping with the volume lately?  Let’s hope things improve, as I’d like to comment on blogs………but at this stage I can’t even get to read them most of the time.