Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Tassie Day 2

Our second day saw us visit the charming town of Stanley before starting to head south. 

Stanley is most famous for The Nut. These days you can climb it or take a chairlift to the top.  That wasn't an option when we visited 30 years ago, so we did it the more strenuous way. I don't think I'd go too well doing that now.

A highlight on our first visit was visiting the Plough Inn.  It was a cottage museum at the time.  We really enjoyed it and wrote a comment in the Visitor's Book to the effect that it looked like the family had just gone out for the day.  They laughed, as it was actually a family's home and they had just gone out for the day. They just kept all the modern trappings of life well out of site.  It know appears to just be a home. Nice to see it so well presented.

There are some rather lovely old houses along the Main Street.

It had started to rain lightly in the early hours of the morning, so we packed up in the wet.  Fortunately, it soon stopped.  However, we didn't have much breakfast, so Moby Dicks was a nice spot to call into.

Our first sop on our way south was at Hellyers Gorge.  It is a pretty, ferny spot by the river.

I loved this tunnel through the trees.

We saw quite a few pine plantations and several blue gum plantations.

We had our lunch stop at Waratah, which we also remember from our first trip.  I took similar photos of the features both times. It will be interesting to see how much, or I'm guessing how little, things have changed in that time.

As we travelled further south the terrain became more rugged.

We are now camped at Zeehan, a tiny mining town, in a nice caravan park. There are a few other bikes here as well. 

We wandered up the street to find dinner and had been advised there are two pubs where we could get a meal. We walked into the first one, to find it deserted.  Eventually a barman came out.  There was no beer on tap and nowhere to sit. Out the back there was a huge dining room, also empty.  We decided that was not the place for dinner.  Further along we came to a takeaway.  It was OK, but was so roasting hot inside, that you wouldn't be able to sit inside and ther was nowhere to sit outside. We felt for the poor girl having to work in there. Finally, at the extreme other end of town, we came to the other pub which was great.  Cold beer and delicious food.  Worth the half hour walk each way.  I think that will be an experience we will continue to chuckle about.

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