Monday, 8 February 2016

Swap Meet Time Again

Our Annual Bathurst Historic Car Club Swap Meet was held yesterday.  It seems like no time since the one last year.

We had a great day with good weather - our most important feature. There were hundreds of stalls and thousands of visitors.

Mick and I only had a little stall this time, as so much of our stuff is still in boxes since we moved into town.  Next year might be a different story.

Mick spent a lot of time standing in the above position.  You see, we had "Doug" the old Douglas for sale.  Every second bloke wanted to know all about it, so Mick was happy to have a yarn.

There were all sorts of things for sale.

A new project?

Even something for the girls.

Any number of old bikes.

Most important - good coffee.

We even saw a Rickman similar to Mick's.

More interesting goodies.

Mick had to have a sit on the old Fergie. One of old neighbours had it for sale.  It had been ours prior to that.  Mick drove it in the World Record breaking ploughing weekend some years ago.  It has now gone to a home in Windsor, so we won't see it again.  It is a good little tractor.

The day was a great success for sellers, buyers and also the Club.  Now we will be able to give a lot of the proceeds away to charity.

And Doug?  Yes, he did sell.  We are a little sad, but had made the decision for him to go to a new home, where he wouldn't spend most of his life hidden in the back corner of a shed.  He will be going to a private museum in Young in a couple of weeks, which will be good. The best thing is that he won't be restored, but maintained in his original condition. Also, the fellow we bought him from 25 years ago was at the Swap Meet, so we learned some more of his history and the new owner met him as well, which was nice.

Last night we were exhausted. but pleased that we had hosted another successful event.  Next year we hope to take more of a back seat role and give some others a chance to do the organising.  They should have good fun.


Jenny said...

So nice that your old bike is going to a museum and will be appreciated by all who pass by.

Chookyblue...... said...

So pleased the weekend went off so well...... I did see lots of people and trailers around when we passed thru and said they would be for the meet..

Anonymous said...

Hi Janice,it looks like a fun event,lots to see and buy,looks like you had good weather too,so glad you and mick had a fun filled day,hope you are rested up now my friend xx

Rachaeldaisy said...

That looks like such a fun day. Lots of tempting things to buy. It's great Doug has gone to a good home, and how good was it that the original owner was there to meet the new owner.