Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Tassie Day 10

We've settled into life at the campsite today.

After our lazy breakfast Mick read and I worked on my hexies from Nundle last year.  I'll try to do a bit each day and all the sections I've brought with me will be done.  That will be a first.  Usually my stitching just goes for the holiday, taking up packing room.

We were serenaded by a morning chorus of magpies over in tent city.

After a sunny start the sky started to darken.  Fortunately, it didn't rain, but was very grey for most of the day.

Our first venture for the day was to take a short cruise.  I forgot to take a photo of the Lady Launceston, as it was hard to capture while moored.  Hopefully I will get one later. She is a pretty little ferry we had noticed last time we were here.

Our trip took us around the city waterfront.  The marina was brought down here from the Syndey Olympics.  A developer built the Peppers Resort and apartments behind the marina.

The same developer has now purchased the disused silos and is currently converting them into a hotel.  It should be impressive when it is finished.

Next we headed towards Cataract Gorge under the King William Bridge.  This is near where we stayed when we visited just over a year ago.

The cottage is used for an artists in residence programme.

This section of the gorge is still tidal and we couldn't go up too far as the tide was still half out.

The cliffs are stunning.  See the face in the rock.  Someone had commented that it looks like it has Bells Palsy, but the tour guide said it is just stoned.  Boom, boom.

I loved this boat full of lobster pots.

After our little cruise we rode up to Cataract Gorge.  Of course we missed the main entrance in and went to the top car park, with very steep steps.  

The peacocks are very friendly and you have to watch your food at the cafe.

Ther were also a few Bennets Wallabies hopping around.

There is a really sweet rotunda and beautiful hydrangeas.  In spring it would be spectacular with loads of rhododendrons.

There is a chairlift across the gorge, which has the longest single span in the Southern Hemisphere.  Of corse we had to go for a ride across the gorge on it.

Once on the other side we visited the little museum and gallery.

Then back across we went.

You could get a really good view of the suspension bridge, which dates back to 1904.

Also, a birds eye view of the pretty little cafe.

We found our way to the suspension bridge.

Here you could see the set of rapids up the river.  The water really rushes down here in flood time.

Ther are lots of steps, so up we went to another lookout.

Finally, more steps back up to the car park.

We spent the afternoon just pottering around.

Tonight there was a Welcome BBQ held over at the main site, which was well attended.  This is only half of the crowd.  My mum's cousin and her husband are down from Cairns, so it was nice to have dinner with them tonight.

Tomorrow we are off to visit two convict era rural estates and will be joined by some friends from near home, which should be enjoyable and the weather is forecast to be good.


Jenny said...

I remember Cataract Gorge - such an interesting place.
You are certainly having a great time exploring the area and seeing the sights.

Rachaeldaisy said...

It all sounds amazing!! I'm always impressed at how much you fit into a day. I guess it's easy when there;s so much to see and do .

Anonymous said...

Hi janice ,thankyou for sharing your beautiful pics,i am enjoying your holiday,such a pretty place,safe travels my friend xx