Saturday 31 January 2015

Sew Together Bags

While I was deciding on a project for the Christmas Swap I saw lots of Sew Together Bags in blogland.  They looked very useful, rather cute, but on all accounts were a little fiddly to make. However, there was a rather good sewalong with lots of pictures that made it all look achievable.

So, I bought the pattern and had fun going through my stash finding suitable fabrics.

October 2014 019

And started work.

October 2014 023

Here are the colours of the outsides of the pockets.

October 2014 024

And the insides.

October 2014 027

Then lots of quilting of the outside panel.

October 2014 245

Join all those zips together, after shortening them.

October 2014 253

To create one very cute Sew Together Bag.

 Novmeber 2014 011

I sewed the outside of the binding down by hand, as I couldn’t get a nice finish by machine with all the bulk.

 Novmeber 2014 015

The pockets.

Novmeber 2014 016

And the insides of the pockets.

Novmeber 2014 023

It was a lot of work, quite fiddly, but the tutorial really helped.  I think I would have struggled without it.  I just took it nice and slowly and didn’t have any dramas.  It was a little hard to give this one away.

As I showed earlier, my gift in the Christmas Swap was also a Sew Together Bag, with a completely different look.  The workmanship is beautiful, something you appreciate after making one yourself.

December 2014 042

Quite a different look to the one I made.

December 2014 048

My sister in law celebrated a significant birthday earlier this month and had admired the version I made, so I got out the pattern and made another version.  Quite a few different fabric options were auditioned.

January 2015 002

Here is the finished product.

January 2015 006

January 2015 009

In the end I kept the colours fairly simple. Purple is her favourite, so was ideal for the lining.

January 2015 013

It was well received….Phew!

I had planned on making one for myself for taking travelling for chargers, cables etc, but the one I received at Christmas will be perfect for that.  I would like one for my sewing bits and pieces, but I think I will need to psych myself up to make another one, but not just yet.

This was my first finish for the year.  Off to a great start.


Maria said...

You did a great job on the Sew Together Bag.Janice.
It does look a fabulous useful bag but I am not good with zippers sew would REALLY have to psych myself up to try to make it.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...


Susan said...

Great job Janice. I especially like the outside fabric, looks very effective with the quilting. I think I'll leave this one to the experts!

Lyn said...

Fabulous job , you have done well..I have the pattern as well but haven't worked up the courage to have a go yet!

Jewells said...

WOW!! now that is creative!

kraftier said...

oh look bag...
i use it all the time... first i put on my everyday bag with cards , lipstick and keys ( i have lots of them - like st. Peter) i showed to all my friends my present .
today is with my apliquick material , the size is perfect for the sticks.
i'm very happy with it. thank you once again.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I love those sew together bags, they look so fiddly so admire those who make them. It's fun to see how the different fabrics give them different personalities.

Katie said...

Choosing the fabrics and zippers for each bag is so much fun. Yours are fabulous!! :-)

Ali Honey said...

Well done. I love them.