Monday, 29 December 2008

What is this - a ham sandwich?

Ham on Christmas day, ham and salad, ham on toast, ham and mustard sandwich, ham and potato salad sandwich, fried rice with ham (from left over rice salad), ham and cheese omlette. I'm running out of ideas..... but I'm not running out of ham!!!
Mind you, the ham is beautiful. It was boned until nearly at the hock and is lovely and moist. Any ideas for more ways of using it up?
I didn't do any sewing yesterday. My friend Cath came over and we had the afternoon chatting, picking more berries and she brought over some 70's records in readiness for the party on Wednesday night. It was just a nice, girly afternoon.
Today a friend from up the road is coming to do some sewing. I had a few friends around 3 years ago and showed them the basics of patchwork and we made a table runner I designed. Barb never quite finished hers, so finally, we have been able to arrange for us both to have some spare time for her to finish it. She has done a bit more patchwork since and needs a few pointers, so we should have a nice morning.

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