Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Only One More Sleep

Twas the day before Christmas.......and so much to do.
Yesterday was my first day of holidays. Yay!!
I had plans on getting lots done, but you know what they say about "The best laid plans of mice and men". First of all I had to take Felix to the vet. We had heard a cat fight on Sunday night and he was a bit under the weather on Monday, but yesterday morning he had a very sore leg and was off his tucker. He has the start of a abscess, so had injections of pain killers and a big dose of penecillin with tablets to take for a week. Hopefully that will nip it in the bud and he won't have to have a drain in his leg. He picked up a lot yesterday afternoon and got his appetite back. He seems OK this morning too.
So, instead of having a quick early trip to town I didn't get in there till mid morning and it was after lunch before I got home. Fortunately I could leave Felix at Mum's while I was in town. It's very handy at times having a mum in town. LOL
It was a bit stormy yesterday, but at about 6 o'clock last night a really ferocious storm hit. We were going to sit on the verandah and watch the weather, but when it hit it was just a wall of water, some small hail and gale force winds. There is apparently quite a bit of damage in town and the winds were the highest recorded for some years. We didn't have any damage and received just over an inch of rain. Mick will have to fix the tinsel on the tree he decorated up the drive - it will be spread all over the place. We were without power until nearly 10 o'clock. Therefore nothing got done last night.
I finally took a photo of our tree. It looks a bit washed out here. I'll try to take one tonight with the lights. That was planned for last night, oh well. My dad won the pedal car in a raffle, so my nieces will get a lovely present this year.

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