Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Well, I didn't get the Christmas decorations finished last night. Maybe tonight........
What we did do was pick raspberries and boysenberries from our garden. We are going to have our best crop ever this year. We picked all these last night (and this is after we had lots on ice cream). There should be lots more for Christmas. It is always one of our treats at this time of the year.
The passionfruit vine we planted last year has flowered this year, so here's hoping we might be able to have our own passionfruit on icecream later in the summer. Yummmmy!!
While we were in the garden we saw two pied butcher birds, which we don't see very often around here, and heard two corellas. I always associate corellas with the outback and the Darling River. This is the second time we have had them in the last couple of months. The first time I heard them Mick told me I was hearing things, until we saw them fly overhead. I don't know why they have come this far east. Anyway, I'll just think of the outback whenever I hear them.

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loulee1 said...

Mmmmm, delicious fresh berries.