Saturday, 20 December 2008

Blue Wren Armchair Caddy

I have finally taken photos of the armchair caddy I made for Mum for Christmas. I finished it a couple of weeks ago - very unlike me to have something done in plenty of time:-)

My SIL made one of these for Mum several years ago with applique of sewing items from a pattern in a magazine and it has just plain worn out, so Mum has requested a replacement. I couldn't find the pattern, so just took measurements from the old one and adapted it.

Mum loves blue wrens, so when I found the stitchery by Cinderberry Stitches I was thrilled. I then adapted it to suit the caddy and have used more traditional fabrics. The results should suit her.

We saw a blue wren this morning, it lives in our garden. We also saw a robin red breast. We don't see them very often at all, so it was nice to see one at Christmas time.

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