Friday, 16 August 2013

Visiting the Information Centre

We have the best part of a week here before the races begin, so plenty of time to play the tourist.

After a good sleep in on Tuesday morning, we were off to explore. We have seen lots of the touristy places here on our previous visits, but there is still so much to see.

We thought we might go in to the Information Centre and get some information, as you do, but on the way decided to take a detour to Port Soderick.  This was once a little seaside resort, but is now derelict. 

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 049

Still nice to have a wander on the “Beach”.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 051

Low tide always looks unappealing.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 048

Who would think that the seaweed would be so interesting up close.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 054

I had a look for sea glass and found a couple of tiny pieces.

MH IOM 2013 011

Back on track, until we pulled up to enjoy the view along the coast.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 076

Anyway, back on our original mission……..until our next detour.  This time to Douglas Head.  We’ve passed the turn off on countless occasions, but never turned in.  We went up a tiny lane, found a car park and went for a ramble.  It looks steep, but so do most places here.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 078

Up we go.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 093

The Camera Obscura is a tourist attraction from Victorian Times which was restored and reopened about 10 years ago.  Of course it was closed when we were up there.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 083

Douglas Head light house was looking splendid.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 098

Once you climb to the top of the headland there is a wonderful view back across the bay to Douglas.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 104

We’re always intrigued by the lumps of concrete in the breakwater.

MH IOM 2013 020

Here we are, two old fogeys looking out to sea.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 108

We could sit here for ages soaking in this view.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 111

It would  be a tough life living in these apartments, with fantastic views.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 118

Anyway, we’d better keep on our way to the Information Centre, but not before stopping to take a snap of the Life Boat Shed.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 134

And the little light house.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 136

Actually, after all that walking it would be rather nice to grab a coffee.  Let’s park down on the Promenade.  Watch out for the tram.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 137

I think we’d better go up to Marks and Spencers.  I’m hanging out for an Eccles Cake, or as Lou would say, a “Fly Cemetery”.  Remember to ask for no cream on the skim mocha.  A medium will be good.  Oh my goodness! Look at the size of that.  I must remember next time to ask for a small.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 140

While we’re here, we might as well have a wander up the main street.

MH IOM 2013 small 014

It’s always good to walk off morning tea along the Promenade.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 144

Aren’t the gardens looking a picture.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 141

There’s the refuge tower out in the bay.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 143

Didn’t I see a lovely floral display around near the marina? Let’s go and have a look.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 148

There’s a few dollars moored there.

MH IOM 2013 small 018

Hey Mick, isn’t that one of your favourite cars parked over there?

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 152

OK, that’s the Sea Terminal just behind you, I suppose we’d better go over there and get some information brochures.

No photos. I forgot!


loulee said...

I see you took the local saying, Traa Dy Lioar to heart and set yourselves to 'Manx time' LOL.

Sandi said...

Having fun reading about your latest adventure. :)

Anita said...

Looks like a lovely place!

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Such lovely pictures Janice