Thursday, 22 August 2013

A Busy Day - Ramsey

After leaving the gardens, Lou took us to one of her favourite places to go for a walk.  Poyll Dool was once the local tip and has been regenerated into a nature reserve.  This is the White Bridge over the Sulby River which runs into Ramsey Harbour.IOM 14 Aug 13 180

Next stop was the Queens Pier. 

IOM 14 Aug 13 186

In its hay day this had a little train running its length to carry the cargo and passengers from their vessels moored at the end of the pier. Now it has had all the old cast iron railings removed, the building at the end of the pier is gone, as is all the train track and is closed to the public.  It is considered to be conserved, pending restoration.  However, it is sadly on its last legs (lots of them).

IOM 14 Aug 13 182

I love the way the graffiti under the pier even has a patriotic theme.  See the three legs of Man.  It  appears to be scratched into the concrete, rather than painted.

IOM 14 Aug 13 183

The breakwater was our next stop.  Fancy that, more lighthouses.

IOM 14 Aug 13 193

IOM 14 Aug 13 190

IOM 14 Aug 13 189

IOM 14 Aug 13 192

MH IOM Small 036

It’s looking a bit nasty up in the hills, but thankfully staying fine down here.

IOM 14 Aug 13 196

As we were heading back to the car there was some activity at the Life Boat House.

IOM 14 Aug 13 198

IOM 14 Aug 13 202

MH IOM Small 045

IOM 14 Aug 13 205

No, it wasn’t a drill, there was a little boat broken down just the other side of the breakwater. We went for a walk around to the harbour to see them come in.  The swinging bridge was opened.

MH IOM Small 049

Here they come, all safe and sound.

IOM 14 Aug 13 213

Here is Lou, playing the tourist guide.  She did a great job. We learnt so much more than if we had just been wandering around ourselves.

MH IOM Small 048

Further along the harbour she pointed out her dad’s historic sailing boat (on the right).

IOM 14 Aug 13 218

The fishing boat her son works on.

IOM 14 Aug 13 215

And finally, the little green sailing boat her other son owns.

IOM 14 Aug 13 219

It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon in Lou’s company and we were then talked into staying for a scrummy tea.  Thanks Lou.

We’ll be seeing more of Lou soon.

So, after starting our touristy stuff at 7.30 am, we finally got back home at about 10.30pm. A rather busy and enjoyable day.

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loulee said...

It was lovely to saunter around with friends. Usually when I'm out and about I rush around on errands or I'm out for one of my walks, which move a lot faster then we did that day. I got to slow down and look around, having some one ask questions is easier than planning a blog post with just photos! LOL