Friday, 23 August 2013

Doing a Lap

One of the things we definitely needed to do this trip was take a drive around the thirty seven and three quarter mile TT course.  '

Kirk Bradden – one of our favourite places to watch from.

IOM 16 Aug 13 025

This is the location of the opening scene of “Closer to the Edge” movie.

IOM 16 Aug 13 028

Stopping for fish and chips for lunch along the way, complete with mushy peas.

IOM 16 Aug 13 039

Heading up onto the mountain section.

IOM 16 Aug 13 042

It doesn’t take long to climb away from the sea.

IOM 16 Aug 13 041

Now they get to some fast sections.

IOM 16 Aug 13 045

See that line along the side of the hill.

IOM 16 Aug 13 048

IOM 16 Aug 13 049

The TT Course crosses the railway track.

IOM 16 Aug 13 055

While we are at “The Bungalow” we visited the memorial to Joey Dunlop.

IOM 16 Aug 13 053

There used to be a museum up here, but it is long gone.

IOM 16 Aug 13 057

Back down off the mountain.  The Creg-Ny-Baa pub is a great place to view the races.

IOM 16 Aug 13 068

I don’t think there is any fear of us breaking any speed records on the course.  The mountain section has no speed limit, as long as you drive safely.  Mick got up to about 80 miles per hour and that was terrifying.  Considering the record speed is nearly 132 miles per hour average speed for the lap, including through all the little villages, we were just crawling along. I think we’ll just stick to watching from the side of the road.


loulee said...

Only 80? I really need to put Mick in the scoob with Tony. You can go too if you like, I'll stay home though. LOL

Stina Blomgren said...

Thanks for showing all the pics...I enjoy!!
kviltstina at gmail dot com