Friday, 16 August 2013

Are We There Yet?

Last Saturday we hopped up bright and early and headed off on another of our adventures. It was a lovely, crisp, frosty morning when we left home at 7.00am.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 003

We went for a drive in a hire car – a bit flasher than the buzz box we booked, but we won’t complain.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 006

To our first via point.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 005

I did a bit of this.

MH IOM 2013 small 001

Ready to go.

MH IOM 2013 small 003

We then spent rather a long time in a couple of these.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 042

There was a couple of hours in between flights to stretch our legs.

MH IOM 2013 small 011

Once we finally returned to solid ground, we found a bus station for the next leg of our journey.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 012

After a couple of hours wait, we hopped on this little beauty.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 014

We flew over the countryside.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 025

Over the cities.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 030

Over the clouds.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 028

And finally, we caught a glimpse of our destination.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 037

Not quite there yet, just had to collect a final hire car.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 043

At last, 40 hours after we left home, we had arrived.

So, where are we?  This might just give you a clue.

IOM 15 Aug 13 091

The three legs of Man.  Yes, we are back on the Isle of Man, this time for three weeks.  We have come over to watch some classic bikes racing.  A similar format to the TT, but apparently a totally different feel.  We’re really looking forward to it.


loulee said...

Welcome back!

Susan said...

Sounds very exciting. Have a great time.

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

We are jealous of you going over there AGAIN