Monday, 19 August 2013

A Busy Day – Heading South

After our walk around Langness, we were ready for morning tea, so headed south to Port St Mary.  We had a bit of a wander around, as always, walked out along the breakwater.

IOM 14 Aug 13 076

At the end we found another lighthouse.

IOM 14 Aug 13 080

IOM 14 Aug 13 085

Once again, low tide isn’t pretty.

IOM 14 Aug 13 086

I noticed a couple of Aussie reminders. Firstly, “Platypus”.

IOM 14 Aug 13 088

Then “Ragamuffin”, although I think she has shrunk a little since competing in the Sydney to Hobart.

IOM 14 Aug 13 087

Next stop, morning tea.

We couldn’t pass a cafe with this name.

IOM 14 Aug 13 090

Look who we found sitting out the front.  Some fellow travellers.  It’s amazing who you run into.  We had a lovely morning tea together.

IOM 14 Aug 13 091

Even the floor suits the theme.

IOM 14 Aug 13 089

Next stop was even further south, to Port Erin for a little wander around.  We arrived just in time to see the steam train arrive.

IOM 14 Aug 13 100 

IOM 14 Aug 13 102

IOM 14 Aug 13 108

I love seeing the old fashioned shops.

IOM 14 Aug 13 110

Look, there’s a lighthouse.

IOM 14 Aug 13 112

There’s another.

IOM 14 Aug 13 115

The weather was OK, but definitely not swimming weather for this little black duck.

IOM 14 Aug 13 122

Not quite ice cream weather either.

IOM 14 Aug 13 117

There’s patchwork inspiration where you least expect it.

IOM 14 Aug 13 119

OK, so now we’ve seen Port Erin, there is only one way to head – north.


loulee said...

LOL You really do seem to have a fascination for light houses and navigation lights!

Chookyblue...... said...

hope the girls are enjoying the the paving in the last pic........a quilt in the making..........