Friday, 23 August 2013

More TT Course

I noticed that most of the TT Course I showed last time was in the open countryside, but that is not what it is all like.  Here is a bit more.  The photos aren’t the best as all are taken through the car windscreen.

Walled roads in Douglas.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 060

Suburban roads.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 064

Hedges on one side and cottages on the other.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 069

As you get to Laurel Bank and Glen Helen it gets quite dark and often damp.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 072

Through the street of Kirk Michael.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 075

The dappled light under the trees is really hard, as the light is  flickery.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 078

Past the car yard and over Ballaugh Bridge.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 079

That’s as far as we went this time, but it gives you a big more of an idea of the varied conditions of the course.

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Stina Blomgren said...

Loved to see all the pics!!
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