Thursday, 29 August 2013

Castletown – Part 1

Firstly, I need to clarify that when I said we will have spent two months in our little cottage I didn’t mean on this trip, but as a cumulative total over our three stays in this cottage.  We are only here for three weeks this time.

The town that our little cottage is located in is Castletown, the ancient capital of the Isle of Man.  (The modern capital is Douglas.)  Let’s go for a little stroll.

We’ll start by walking along the harbour.  The floral display on the bridge is stunning.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 163

Looking back the other way you see the colourful boats and Castle Rushen.  Fancy that, a castle in Castletown.  The tides here are quite big, so at low tide these boats are out of the water.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 164

Here is  another shot at a lower tide, but still quite a lot further to drop before low tide.

IOM 14 Aug 13 006

As always, not so  pretty at low tide.

IOM 2013 29 Aug 13 012

The pub next to the castle is the “Castle Arms”, but better known as the “Glue Pot”, which Mick has been known to frequent.  It is a pokey little place and I wonder what stories the walls could tell, if only they could talk.

IOM 2013 29 Aug 13 013

There is a swinging bridge across the harbour, which we actually saw while open.

IOM 16 Aug 13 021

See the stone wall across the harbour.  Well, that is the back of the Nautical Museum which houses “Peggy”.  More on her later.

IOM 16 Aug 13 017

As you can imagine, there are lighthouses at the entrance to the harbour.  I think these are particularly pretty. but I may be biased, as they are in Castletown.

IOM 16 Aug 13 010

The Steam Packet Company runs the car ferries to and from the Isle of Man.  They are currently owned by Macquarie Bank – yes, an Aussie company.  However, they had much humbler beginnings with offices in Castletown.

IOM 16 Aug 13 020

We’ll head back into town now. 

See this little bridge which seems to disappear into a house.  It is actually a little lane into the next street.  There are heaps of little laneways running everywhere, once you get to find them.  You can certainly tell that the town evolved well before the need for cars, or even much in the way of carts.  Apparently the streets are crooked to stop the wind whistling up them.  I can assure you it doesn’t work.

IOM 14 Aug 13 014

There are all sorts of things on display in people’s windowsills.  They are so deep that they are perfect for this.

IOM 11 Aug - 13 Aug 167

We’ll head up another little lane now to see some more.

IOM 2013 29 Aug 13 014

More soon.


Loulee Heron said...

LOL Typical Manxie me! You probably know Castletown better than I do! LOL

Ali Honey said...

That looks a fabulous place to explore and stay at!

Stina Blomgren said...

Fun to see...imagine my ancestors ruling in Castle Rushen.....;0)))))