Sunday, 9 July 2017

Winter Festival - Week Two

After the success of last week's event, we had to rug up and head into town for the second installment of the Winter Festival  - "Brew and Bite".  The two events are quite different to each other.

We had a couple of light showers of rain during the afternoon, but fortunately, the weather cleared to another perfect evening to rug up and go out and party.

First stop was the Mulled Wine stand.  Last week we had mulled cider, this week, mulled wine.  It is rather morish on a cold night, and sells out very quickly.

A local covers band was keeping everyone entertained.  We'd never heard of them, but they were excellent.  They could have played longer and we would all have been quite happy.

We kept on our wanders, through the market stalls, which weren't in attendance last week.

The ice skating was once again very popular.

We were entertained by a group of professional figure skaters.

They make it look so easy.

"Fire and Ice"

The ferris wheel reminded me of a spider's web in the dew.

Machattie Park was once again a major feature of the night.  The local brass band entertained from the rotunda.

The queues for doughnuts were long again, but we had our treat last week, so no queueing for us this time.

Last week's flamingos had moved on and made way for some rather cute frogs.

The illuminated Catholic Cathedral made a nice backdrop to the neon sign.

There were still plenty of Enchanted Forest features dotted throughout the park.

Next on the Agenda was a performance by  Cirkus Surreal.  This troupe is made up of school kids from my old high school.  How things have changed since my day.  

They have an international tour each year.

Their next tour is to Hawaii.

This young fellow was so strong, but still so slim. You would expect him to have huge biceps, but he didn't.

I have to chuckle at the girls doing the airial acts.  These days, OH & S stipulates that tradies need a harness even to go up a ladder.

Next was the strong young man again, this time twirling a cube frame, all lit with LED lights.  It was so pretty as it moved.

More stunning airial acts.

What a finish.  The crowd thoroughly appreciated their professional performances.

By now we were getting peckish, so time to start wandering back to the food stalls.  The things you see!


More illuminations.

A fellow (just one of the punters, not an entertainer) was having a great time stacking dominos.  Yes, he did get that one on without them falling over, to much applause.

While we were eating a couple of the Cirkus Surreal girls came past, looking so elegant on their tall stilts.

And then it was time to go home, but not before seeing another new illuminated building, this time the Fossil and Mineral Museum.

And we musn't forget the window decoration competition.  The local businesses have gone to great trouble and they look a treat.

Bathurst should be so proud of this festival.  I think there were many more people out and about this weekend than last week.  Being a tad warmer may have helped, but more likely it was good reports.  Lots of people we chatted to had been on both nights and were loving both events.

Here's hoping that the celebration of all things cold continues to go from strength to strength.  I think it will.


Rachaeldaisy said...

I love it all!!! Though I think they could have left the flamingoes but still brought the frogs out to play. Next year I'll try to remember its on. Its really just up the road from us so theres no excuses.

Fiona said...

what a fantastic event... it all looks wonderful...

Jenny said...

The school kids must have looked amazing doing their acts - so very talented. What a great show.