Saturday, 15 July 2017

The Big Lap - Maclean to Gympie

This morning we got ourselves up and about a bit earlier, which was good.

Our caravan park was just over the road from the Clarence River, which was looking lovely.

The weather this morning was definitely warmer than home, but it was still very dewy. 

The old opening bridge across the Clarence River will soon have a new bridge beside it. 

We were wondering how far those pylons will have to be driven in. 

Once again we couldn't get over the improvements to the highway.  It made travelling easy, but you do miss seeing the small towns along the way. 

The steam from the Broadwater sugar a Mill looked stunning against the blue sky. We were watching the weather as showers were forecast for late morning, but fortunately we didn't get any.

We made a little detour into Kingscliff for morning tea with Mick's aunt and uncle and then it was back to the motorway.

I missed the actual Welcome to Queensland sign, so this will have to do.  

We were amazed at the constant traffic.  At some places it was four lanes going both directions and was at a standstill. There was heavy traffic for the entire day.

I did get the Sunshine Coast sign.

Our destination for the day was Gympie, just under 500kms.  We are settled in the only caravan park in town, but it is nice and central. We went for a shorty walk and the houses are starting to look like Queensland.

The weather is starting to feel like Queensland too. We were in tee shirts until about seven o'clock tonight. Rather pleasant. We enjoyed a barbecue and salad tea that we cooked, so we are starting to get ourselves organised. 

So, taday want terribly exciting, just driving on the motorway, but now that we are getting away from the real touristy section it should be a bit more interesting.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.