Monday, 17 July 2017

The Big Lap - Yeppoon

Today we played the tourist around Yeppoon. 

Our first stop was Wreck Point, looking back towards the town. As you can see, it was rather overcast. 

We went a little further down the coast and started to see a little blue sky. 

Time to walk on the beach, which was surprisingly quiet, and draw in the sand. 

There were loads of tiny weeny shells on the beach.

This gives you an idea of the scale. 

We then came across this sculpture which was built in 1970 to celebrate the bicentenary of Captain Cook discovering the area. It is The Singing Ship, but as there was no wind it wasn't singing today. 

The view from there made up for it. The day was clearing nicely. There are several islands off the coast, the most famous being Great Keppel Island. 

In the centre of town there was a great water play area for the kids. Last time we were here it was a week after a cyclone devastated the town, so it was much more pleasant this time.

Check out the flash buildings up the side of the hill. What a view out to sea they must have. 

Finally, a picture of one of the grey palms we have seen. They are quite striking amidst all the lush green palms. 

It was a nice day spent with friends. The weather was mid 20s, but very humid. We had a big fog in the morning and another came in early evening.

Last night we saw some fruit bats fly over and during the night heard the call of the curlew. So mournful. We also saw a rather colourful honeyeater with a blue top of its head. Not something we get at home. 


Maria said...

nice the day cleared up for a lovely day spent in Yeppoon...

loulee said...

Its wonderful to see and hear different creatures. You know you are away from home when that happens. Safe journeys as you travel onwards.

Ali Honey said...

I like the singing ship.