Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Last Instalment of Christmas

Loulee and I have been sending each other Christmas gifts since we met on the Isle of Man quite a few years ago now.  The Christmas the box I sent to New Zealand, where Lou now lives, took 4 days to reach its destination.

Lou's took nearly a month.  We think it must have gone on a world tour.  It arrived safe and sound a few days ago, and was worth the wait.

Don't you love lots of little parcels.  I know I certainly do.

Lou made a cute little stocking decoration.  It will go well on our new tree which seems to be developing a red and white theme.  There is also fabric, buttons in a pincushion jar, choccies, hand cream and a wee little calendar for Mick.

Thanks so much Lou.

Now I think Christmas is over for another year.


Anonymous said...

good morning Janice wow what a wonderful lot of goodies to receive,hope you enjoy your day my friend xx

loulee said...

Phew! So glad it finally arrived!
I seem to be having problems getting an email to you. I keep getting 'undelivered' reports, to both of the addresses I have for you!! Even when I reply to your emails, they are reported as undelivered!
Whats going on?

Susan said...

I agree that lots of little parcels are very exciting. Glad it finally arrived, I have heard of a few delays coming from NZ.