Saturday, 30 January 2016

Our Saturday

We had a lovely day pottering today.

After a late, leisurely breakfast we walked down to the local shops to get the papers.  (One of the advantages of being back in town.)  As we got closer we noticed a fair bit of activity further down the road.

During the week we had followed a truck down the road with a couple of old ploughs on the back.  The truck was owned by a local vintage tractor enthusiast.

The next day, we noticed the ploughs in a paddock.

The next day we noticed an old orange vintage tractor in the paddock, and the paddock had been lightly ploughed.

This morning there appeared to be quite a bit of activity in the paddock and a few trucks parked at the church next to the paddock.  Of course we had to go and investigate.

There were about a dozen vintage tractors going round and round ploughing the paddock.  That is our mate "Agro" on the Bulldog above.

There was a fellow standing, watching and taking some photos.  We got chatting and it turns out that he is the pastor of the church.  He told us that the church owns the paddock, which is on the river side of the flood levee bank, so can never be built on.  They have decided that it would be ideal for a community garden for various charities and community groups to use.  They will also be able to grow veges for the soup kitchen that they run.

The little grey Fergie above has a V8 engine in it.  Boys and their toys.

Another of our mates, who is very involved in the church, contacted the vintage tractor enthusiast to see if he would lend a tractor and plough, so that they could cultivate the paddock. The response that he received was that he would bring a few mates along to give a hand.

They were having a great time, actually using their old toys, rather than just having them on a static display.  The orange Chamberlain above was the main work horse.  It flew around the paddock, making light work of it.  The engine sounded extremely powerful, but I think you would need good ear muffs if you were on it for any length of time.

Mick spent many hours on a tractor like the red one at the front of the above picture when he was a kid.

It was a great initiative to see.  A real win, win.  We are looking forward to seeing how they progress with their venture.

We finally tore ourselves away and ventured on to actually get the papers. It was quite warm by then (so much for our early walk in the cool) so an iced coffee was required.  It really hit the spot.

When we eventually got home I started what was to be my morning's job - making zucchini slice and moussaka to make use of our veges.


No tinned tomatoes this time, as our tomatoes are doing well now.  Not enough big ones to make relish as yet, but loads of the little ones, which are a variety called "Tomato Berry".  They are sweet little heart shaped tomatoes.

It was good to get some meals prepared for the freezer.

The weather has been quite stormy lately, but we have missed most of them over the last few days.  This afternoon was no exception.  Enough to make you rush out and get the towels off the line, but then it stopped as quickly as it started.  It did, however create some stunning skies.

I hope your Saturday was just as enjoyable as ours.


Fiona said...

I always love those big old tractors.... the new ones are wonderful too

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

What a lovely tractor story win all 'round!

Chookyblue...... said...

love the little old tractors........