Tuesday 26 January 2016

A Christmas Finish

Last Christmas, like most, we had a leg of ham.  Also, like most years, it was wrapped in a tea towel in the fridge.

That was a bit slack, as a couple of years ago I bought some panels to make some ham bags at the Christmas sales.  

Next year I will be ready, as I now have four ham bags.  There were more panels that I realised.  I'm happy to have that job done.

Cheers Janice


Chookyblue...... said...

Well done.... Still got the teatowel here.... Although I thought I did have a ham bag......

Susan said...

Very nice, I think I need a new one.

Jenny said...

That's a job well done, and nice and early for next Christmas. We usually buy two (half) hams, one for the Christmas break, and another one to eat over the next month or so.

With four nice new ham bags, you could even gift one or two of them for Chrissie presents next year. Perhaps adding a jar of mustard r something similar - you wouldn't be expected to supply the ham as well.