Monday, 4 January 2016

Review of 2015 - Part 3 - September

We will continue with our review of 2015.


I did do a couple of posts in September, so here is a recap of those.

There was a blog meet at Perthville, which was fun to attend.  Everyone enjoyed doing some stitching.  We had a Swap.  I made a coathanger.  For fun little swaps, I made another butterfly and fabric tray.  Anni provided us all with a cute little kit.

Now that the weather was warming up more events were happening.  We travelled to Tottenham to the Far Cairn Rally.

Now for the stuff I didn't get to blog about.

We also attended the Sidecar Rally.  We had to travel all the way to O'Connell - about 20kms.  I was a bit off colour during the day so I drove out in the car - cheating.  Mick took "Snubby" the silver side car and camping trailer,  I was intrigued by the boat shaped version.  We had a nice warm fire in the evening.  The camping site was behind the historic O'Connell Hotel.  The old Bake House in the right hand photo was a craft shop in the 70s.  Mum was a member and I made four patch potholders and sold them.  That would have been my first patchwork, while I was still in primary school.  On the Sunday morning there was a car show as well, which was well attended.

Another Bicentenary event was "Bathex" Collectable Fair.  We went and had a bo peep.  Lots of interesting things.  Mick had to try out the rather unusual historic bicycle.  Sheep dip plungers was probably the most unusual collection.  I shouldn't laugh - we have one.

The garden started to come alive and Mick and Joey the cat looked rather settled on the lounge one day.

Spring is a truly lovely season in our district.

A major project for the  year was the Nature's Journey Stitch -a-long arranged by Chooky and assisted by Susan.  I surprised myself by actually keeping up to date and completing the top on time at the end of September.  I even had it quilted by October - no photos  taken as yet.  The plan was to have the quilt finished by the end of the year, but I have let the team down.  All I need to do is stitch the binding on.  That will be a priority for this year.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Janice,I enjoyed reading your post this morning,love your natures journey blocks I also love the coat hanger that you made,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

So much exciting stuff 💖💖💖