Sunday, 3 January 2016

Review of 2015 - Part 2

Let's continue with my review of 2015.  I'm enjoying looking back at what we had done......and what I'd forgotten.


May was a really busy month, as Bathurst celebrated it's 200th birthday.  We visited quite a few events on the main weekend.

The party continued into the evening.

Some major sites were illuminated, which made quite a statement.  We did enjoy getting out and about and enjoying all that had been organised for the community.

As always, the Historic Car Club hosted its annual Car Rally. We were blessed with gorgeous weather.
In other doings, the Chook Shed had it's birthday party, so Mum came over to our place for a virtual tea party.  We visited the Fibre Festival and I bought some lovely coloured wool.  Also, my friend Anne came for a play date and we created little fabric trays.  I continued to make a Christmas decoration for the month.


We had our first frost.

On the long weekend we went on a road trip and visited the Chook Shed in person.  We visited the rodeo, a quilt show, I stitched while Mick went for a bike ride and then we came home via Gulgong.  It was a lovely little getaway.
In other doings we visited the Art Gallery to see the Mandala being created by some Tibetan monks, I finished off a very old UFO, made yet another Christmas decoration, resurrected the quilt I gave to my Uncle some years ago and installed it our lounge, shared the gorgeous fabrics I received in a swap and shared my gorgeous maiden hair fern,,,,,,which is still doing well.


It snowed....lots.  We had the best snowfall for 40 years.

Bathurst continued its birthday celebrations with a Winter Festival.  It was such fun.  They hope to make it an annual event.

We attended the Macquarie Towns Classic Motorcycle Rally at Windsor.  We visited a lovely spot for morning tea.  It was nice to feel warm for a change.

I made a few little things.  The Christmas decoration ended up being gifted to my little next door neighbour who helped me make it, more bibs, I started knitting up my pretty wool and played with origami butterflies.

This is when I started to get a bit slack.  The next couple of things never made it to my blog.

We also visited the Mudgee Small Farm Field Days.  It was a bleak, wintery day.  The number plate on this car said it all.  One display has this intriguing quilt made from old linens.  Rather lovely.

I have coveted three old sewing machines - a Singer Featherweight, a Bluebird in a leadlight cabinet and an Elna Grasshopper.  I found a Featherweight a few years ago now, passed up a Bluebird in perfect condition many years and have never even seen a Grasshopper except in collections.........until we went to Windsor.  We were wandering through a rather cluttered vintage shop when Mick asked if I had seen the sewing machine.  No I hadn't.  It was on a high shelf and I would have totally missed it.  I nearly fell over when I saw a lovely little Grasshopper - so called because of their shape and colour.  They are the first Elna model, made during WWII, as Switzerland were neutral they stopped making arms and concentrated on other products, such as this.  They were also the first free arm machine.  I was so happy that it actually works and wasn't too expensive.  What a happy dance there was.


In August we had a weekend away to Canberra, visiting the Craft Fair and Quilt Show and spending time with our niece and her fiance.

We went for a ride on a Steam Train.

Just a couple of little makes. Fairy Girl joined me in making some more butterflies and I made some fridge magnets.

In the background:

We had some daffodils and polyanthus provide some colour in the garden, while inside I had some tulip bulbs provide colour in a pot.  It is always fun watching them progress from just poking out of the ground to beautiful blooms.

Not a lot of blogging took, place after this so I will flesh it out a bit more in my next post.

I hope you are enjoying my review as much as I am.

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we did get to catch up a bit this year which is great.......hope it continues.......and Fairy Girls treat day was just perfect.......