Monday, 15 October 2012

The Scenic Route Home – Part 2

We continued on our merry way home from the Trunkey Show via rather minor roads.

Surprisingly, in the middle of nowhere, is this lovely bridge over Grove Creek.  It is upstream from the water falls and we walked underneath it from the Abercrombie Caves.

Trunkey Show October 2012 166

This time there was plenty of water. Firstly, looking downstream.

Trunkey Show October 2012 171

Then upstream.

Trunkey Show October 2012 173

Here comes Mick to pick me up.  Don’t you love the way the bridge has that lovely curved shape.

Trunkey Show October 2012 186

Our next bridge was a little simpler, but oh so cute.

Trunkey Show October 2012 188

The next crossing didn’t even boast a bridge at all.  This would be rather treacherous in wet weather.  If you zoom in you can see how high the water can go. You’d have to be very careful of flash flooding.

Trunkey Show October 2012 190

This crossing could possibly be even worse.  The causeway is quite steep and even now the water in the middle was quite deep – rather deceiving.  I wouldn’t want to go through here if the water was much higher.

Trunkey Show October 2012 192

Eventually, we popped out onto the main Bathurst to Burraga Road and then made a further detour through the area where Mick grew up.

This was his grandparent’s property.

Trunkey Show October 2012 193

You can’t really see the old house clearly, but it is constructed with round timbers and the walls are pise created from river tussock and mud.  It has lasted well for 100 years.

Trunkey Show October 2012 194

Our detour next took us through an area known as “Swallows Nest”.  It is a popular spot to camp and go trout fishing, although the water is too muddy just now.  This is the Campbells River which goes on to create the Macquarie River.

Trunkey Show October 2012 195

Mick’s Dad helped build this bridge in the late 1950s.  As you can see, it is just wide enough for a car.

Trunkey Show October 2012 197

Finally, our tour took us through Sewell’s Creek, which is just a cluster of a few farms.

Trunkey Show October 2012 200

Next it was just making our way back home.

There seems to have been a theme of bridges and creeks here.  That wasn’t intentional, but nice just the same.  Most of these roads are so minor that many locals don’t even know of their existence. 

We really enjoy our rambles through our local area.


Anita said...

What a pretty way to take! We so often bypass these ways (especially when we don't know where they go LOL) but yet they are such lovely drives.

Ali Honey said...

Lots of bridges but the curved one really took my fancy.

Sandi said...

What a beautiful part of the world you live in. Always interesting to go for a drive to rediscover the places from the past.