Sunday, 7 October 2012


I just thought I’d share a few random photos from the last month or so that were sitting on my camera.

Our Green Wattle is just about finished flowering now, but it was rather stunning about a month ago.

Chook Shed 20 Sept 2012 060 Chook Shed 20 Sept 2012 070

The bees just love it.

Chook Shed 20 Sept 2012 075

Joey actually sat still long enough for me to take his photo.  He has become quite smoochy since we lost “Biggles”.

Chook Shed 20 Sept 2012 076

There is a lagoon near where we live.  It was dry for many years during the drought, but is now teaming with birdlife.  There are often black swans and occasionally pelicans visiting. 

Chook Shed 20 Sept 2012 083

And, finally, the flags at the War Memorial Carillon in Kings Parade in Bathurst were flown at half mast on the day of Dad’s funeral.  It was quite moving to see them.  The blossom trees were stunning.

Chook Shed 20 Sept 2012 089


Kayly said...

A nice honour for your Dad, most appropriate.
A lovely view over the lake, beats looking at my neighbour's mess yard!

Susan said...

Lovely photos, the central west does spring well. I agree with Kayly, you must have felt so proud of your Dad. X

Fairy Floss Stitches said...

What a fabulous tribute to your Dad. No wonder you felt proud.
Fantastic wattle too. Just love the pickie with the bee. Xx