Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Scenic Route Home – Part 1

After the Trunkey Show we decided to take a bit of a detour on the way home.  No new roads, but ones we haven’t travelled for quite a while.

Firstly, we drove around the village of Trunkey Creek, which has its origins in mining days in the mid 1800s.

The local church.

Trunkey Show October 2012 101

Trunkey Show October 2012 102

This old, abandoned house is a local landmark.

Trunkey Show October 2012 107

Another church, which hasn’t fared too well.  All the doors and windows have been removed.  I found some photos I’d taken on Australia Day back in 2008 and the windows and doors were intact back then.  I hope they are just being done up.

Trunkey Show October 2012 114

This cottage dates back to the village’s early days.

Trunkey Show October 2012 121

If you look closely near the front door you can see that underneath the weather boards there is the original wattle and daub construction.

Trunkey Show October 2012 120

Our detour took us south towards Goulburn, past the turn off to Abercrombie Caves, onto the dirt road and then we turned off onto a minor road towards Burraga.

Our first stop on the way home was Grove Creek Falls.  It’s been quite a few years since we have been here.

Trunkey Show October 2012 122

It was so nice to have plenty of time to just mosey around, looking at the flora.  There was so much lichen on some of the old cypress pines.

Trunkey Show October 2012 123

Look how gnarly it is.

Trunkey Show October 2012 163

There were lots of little wildflowers.

Trunkey Show October 2012 128 

Trunkey Show October 2012 130

Trunkey Show October 2012 134


Trunkey Show October 2012 159

Even the grasses were pretty.

Trunkey Show October 2012 136

Eventually I headed down the path.

Trunkey Show October 2012 139

It is rather harsh countryside and trees hang on wherever they can.

Trunkey Show October 2012 151

Of course, Mick was already down at the end enjoying the scenery.

Trunkey Show October 2012 144

It is a long way down to the falls and they go a long way down.  Rather stunning and unexpected.  The best thing was that there was plenty of water rushing down Grove Creek.

Trunkey Show October 2012 145

Now, to put things in perspective, the last time we were here it was with a Historic Car Club camping weekend at Abercrombie Caves. Grove Creek runs through the caves.  It was in the middle of the drought years. In the afternoon, a group of us went for a walk along the creek, which was nearly dry.  We walked all the way to the falls and ended up sitting on the edge of the top of the water falls.  Unfortunately, I can’t find the photos just at the minute. It is certainly a long way down from that perspective.

Trunkey Show October 2012 146

Anyway, today we only had to walk back up to the car park, much easier than having to walk all the way back to the caves.

More of your detour to come.


Susan said...

Looks like. Very pleasant way to spend the weekend. You have such a wealth of knowledge of the Central West......thanks for sharing.

Tracy said...

I really enjoy getting to travel a bit and see new sites on your blog Janice. Thanks for sharing these great locales.

Deb R said...

What gorgeous pics, sounds like you both enjoyed your weekend exploring!